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Applying Essential Oils - Inhalation

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide,
published by: The Family Tree, 2008


A common way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is diffusion.  An ultrasonic atomization diffuser such as the Lotus™ by (...) is great in releasing oils into the air.  The Lotus™ acts Diffuseras a humidifier, anion (negative ion) generator, and air purifier.  It implements nano-silver filtration, cold catalyst filtration, active carbon filtration, electrostatic filtration, as well as ultrasonic atomization to diffuse atomized essential oils effectively into the air in the form of a micro-particles mist.  This is done silently and allows the human body to easily absorb those minute ion particles.

Properly diffused oils are known to kill bacteria and virus, improve mental clarity, enhance or calm emotions, and increase feelings of well-being.  The Lotus™ diffuser can fill a room, office, or lobby with therapeutic aromatics in only minutes.  Over longer periods of time, these diffused oils strengthen the immune system, reduce mold, and reduce unpleasant odors.


Direct Inhalation

Many times it is not convenient to use the diffuser.  Here are suggestions on other handy techniques to enjoy the benefits of oils aroma.

Inhaler:  Empty inhalers, similar to a "Vicks inhaler" may be purchased and any oil or blend can be dripped onto the wick.  They are very handy to carry in a pocket or purse and last for weeks.

Cup and Inhale:  With cup and inhale, place a couple drops of an oil or blend or use the residue on the hands after a topical application.  Then stimulate the olfactory cells by cupping the hands over the nose and breathing deeply.

Tissue cup:  Find a small (appx. 8oz) cup with a lid.  If plastic it would preferably be high quality plastic.  Place one or two tissues or some toilet paper in the cup and drop 5-10 drops of oil on the tissues.  The cup can be opened occasionally and holding the opening to the nose, breathe deeply.  If the lid stays on, it will be effective for up to 2 weeks.  Use this for a stimulant when driving or to stay alert in tedious meetings.  

Make a spritz: using 5-10 drops of oil with ½ cup of clean water.  Put the mixture in a small spray bottle and shake well prior to uses.

Make a steam tent:  Add several drops of oil to a steaming hot bowl of water.  Place a towel over the head and let it drape around the bowl and breathe in the vapors.  This is especially valuable for sinus problems, coughing or colds.

T Shirt Tent:  Apply the desired oils to the chest and neck as needed then put on a T shirt and while laying down pull the neck of the shirt up over the nose and breath deeply .

When traveling by car or plane, the immune system is under particular stress.  Apply a few drops of oil to cotton balls, cotton pads or tissue.  In the car, place them in the heating and cooling vents.  The air passing over the oil diffuses the scent into the air. 


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