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Respiratory Blend

Blend Ingredients

Eucalyptus radiata
Laurel leaf
Melaleuca alternfolia

This Blend Addresses

Cold and flu
Respiratory stress



Generic Blend

Application Techniques

Use at the onset of cold, flu, and congestion. Apply topically with thorough massage to the back, neck, shoulders, chest, and feet. Combine with hot compresses for best results. Use cup and inhale or diffuse when possible and carry a tissue cup on the go.

For young children or infants, use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil, apply with massage to chest and back, and cover with clothing or socks after finishing.

This blend can be helpful in a bath using salts or a dispersing agent. During a steamy hot shower, plug the drain for a few minutes and use several drops with a wash cloth in the bath area.

Follow guidelines under “Asthma” for asthma conditions.



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