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Repellent Blend

Blend Ingredients

This is a proprietary blend of 15 .... Pure Therapeutic ... essential oils scientifically shown to act as powerful repellents to biting insects.  The 15 include:

Lemon Eucalyptus

All the ingredients are not listed in order to protect (...)'s unique formula.  If you are allergic to some oils, you are welcome to call (...)'s Customer Service directly and ask for more information.



This blend is specifically and exclusively designed to protect against biting insects.



Generic Blend

About Repellent Blend®

Repellent Blend® provides protection from insect bites in a blend of 15 essential oils mixed in a base of fractionated coconut oil. Whereas DEET, a powerful and toxic chemical known to cause negative side-effects, (...)®’s Terra Shield® is all-natural. Unlike its synthetic counterparts (products containing DEET), its appealing citrus-based aroma makes it a pleasant experience to use. It is safe and effective for the whole family, even young children. In this day and age of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus, the comfort this knowledge gives is priceless.

Application Techniques

Apply Repellent Blend® straight from the bottle topically onto exposed areas. Where the mosquitoes are thick, apply thickly! Can be sprayed on from a spray bottle. Reapply every 4-6 hours as needed. This product may also be diffused into the air. Terra Shield will not stain clothing.

Supporting Documentation:  
“Green Alternatives to DEET-based Bug Sprays”
   Christian Science Monitor, July 3, 2008.  This article mentions the effectiveness of using Lemon, Eucalyptus, coconut oil, and citronella.


The whole family can safely use this product.*  Carefully apply around the eyes, ears and mouth. Do not use in the eyes, ears or mouth.  Do not use internally.  Due to its citrus components, it may sting when applied to cuts, wounds or irritated skin.  Keep out of reach of children. 

*If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. 




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