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Detoxifying Blend

Blend Ingredients


This Blend Addresses

Support of cleansing organs:

with focus on the:


Generic Blend 


(...)'s Detoxifying Blend essential oil blend is a proprietary blend of therapeutic-... essential oils of Clove, Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Geranium that have been studied for support of the cleansing organs of the body with a focus on the liver. The blend is formulated to be used individually or in combination with the Detoxifying Blend botanical extract complex.

The following is taken from the Detoxification Complex concept information:  The body's filtering and waste management system is quite capable of managing a certain amount of exposure to toxic influencers. But in a modern world of environmental pollutions and harmful chemicals found in prepared foods, beauty products, treated water, etc. the body's filtering system can be significantly challenged. Just as a filter in a car, furnace, or coffee machine can plug up over time, your body's filtering organs can also become "plugged" with toxins. Healthy organs have the capacity to "clean" or "unplug" themselves under normal conditions, but many sub-optimal health conditions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin can result from an overexposure and buildup of toxicity in these vital organs.


Application Techniques

The Detoxification Complex capsules and the Detoxifying Blend of essential oils are complementary products.  Both are for support of the body's cleansing organs.  They may be taken together or separately The capsules should be taken, one each, with morning and evening meals, daily to strengthen and heal the cleansing organs of the body.  The Detoxifying Blend® (oil) is used by adding 5 drops in a 00 capsule and taking daily.  

For more information on detoxification or cleansing go to this page on detoxification.



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