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bed-wetting (enuresis)

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


Bladder control normally starts at age 6 - 7 or before.  If a child has problems with urination during sleep past this age it is usually a developmental delay.  There are a number of muscle and neurological systems that must develop for full bladder control.  Some factors that come into play include:

  There can be genetic predisposition for the problem

  Abnormal development of the ureters or in boys the posterior urethral valve

  An undersized bladder

  The CNS controls the bladder muscles and valves associated with urination. Development may be slower than typical.

  There are hormones that slow urine production at night.  They may develop slower in some.

  Infection or other disease problems in the urinary tract.

Other factors that are noted include:

  Food allergies

  Difficulty in waking during sleep


Factors that are typically not the cause are:

  Emotional or behavioral problems


  Lack of concern on the child’s part

Typically developmental delays are the more common cause.  Only 5 - 10% of the problems are because of physical factors.  Girls develop control faster than boys and boys have a higher incidence of bed-wetting in later years than girls.


[search helps: nocturnal enuresis, primary nocturnal enuresis, PNE, secondary nocturnal enuresis , SNE, bed wetting, bedwetting]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Grounding Blend, Cilantro, Cypress

Essential oils based products: Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), GI Cleansing Formula, Probiotic Defense Formula

Also consider:

Suggested protocols:

Since there are a variety of root causes it may take some experimentation to find the right combinations of helps to use.  Some things work for other some do not.  Read the experiences of others to help get a full perspective.

Some oils and supplements that have worked for others:

  Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) (if the child is old enough for capsules), GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula

  Cilantro, 7 drops in a capsule, 1 -2 per day

  Cypress, rub 2-4 drops on bladder area before sleep

  Grounding Blend, massage 2-4 drops on feet at bedtime.  Use as an opportunity for quality, loving, reinforcing time

Other helpful hints:

  Lots of hugs and positive reafFirmation during the day

  A number suggest getting off of dairy products was the key

  Keep the child warm at night

  Rub diuretic oils on the feet and ankles 2 -3 hours before bedtime

Try physical controls by:

  Limiting liquid intake 2 - 3 hours before sleep

  Encourage urination just prior to bedtime

  Use an alarm for urination during the night

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Submissions directly to  EverythingEssential.me.  Our thanks to:


Jan - Milk, especially chocolate milk was the main culprit for my grandson for several years.

Gretchen - My 12 year old son and I just finished our day 10 of the GX cleanse and we have started Probiotic Defense Formula+. We have both been on a lot of antibiotics in our lives. His were mostly the first 3 years of his life and mine were most of my childhood.

The reason we are doing this with him is because even at 12 he still wets the bed every night. His wetting at night got way worse during the cleanse and his seasonal allergies are awful. The allergy blend (LLP) typically takes his symptoms away immediately but we are giving it to him constantly and he is still miserable. Could this just be because the cleanse "woke" something up?

I have also started to give us both Cilantro in capsules for a heavy metal detoxification. I am doing 7 drops per day. Any other suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

Curl - Try rubbing Cypress on his belly at night before bedtime. My mother in law has been using the Cypress for incontinence and it's been working great for her.

Gretchen (10 days later) - An update. We have tried everything we could to help my son with his bed-wetting. We have been doing chiropractic for 9 of his 12 years. We have limited liquids, gone through food allergy testing and fixed those, alarm, waking him several times throughout the night. Nothing worked, nothing even made a slight change. We tried Cypress essential oil, nothing changed. Now let me explain what I mean by no change. In his 12 years he has never had more than 1 night in a row of staying dry. Doesn't matter what he drank or ate all day, healthy, unhealthy.

About 3 weeks ago I put him on LLV and had him do the GX Cleanse for 10 days, he took it with each meal. . I also have him taking 7 drops of Cilantro oil in a capsule every day for heavy metal detoxification. His seasonal allergies flared up to the point where the allergy protocol was hardly touching his symptoms and his bed-wetting actually got a lot worse. He was miserable!

Then we did the 5 days of Probiotic Defense Formula and it was during that time that the bed-wetting stopped, completely.  In the last 2 weeks he wet one night and that was more than a week ago. I can't say this is it forever but I think we are on to something.

Tausha - We started my son on Cilantro capsules right away after reading this email and he has not had an accident since. I am still not sure if it just coincidence, but it seems to be working. I haven't started him on the Probiotic Defense Formula yet, but so far we gave seen success. It must have something to do with how deeply they sleep and also some heredity, because bed wetting does run in my husbands family.

Gretchen - I have read several things regarding heavy metal toxins and bedwetting and Cilantro is supposed to cleanse the heavy metals out. For him I know it was more than the Cilantro though because I have not been consistent with the Cilantro capsules but I have been with LLV. The GI Cleansing Formula and the Probiotic Defense Formula seemed to do a lot for him as well.

Gretchen (another update) - He had one night that he wet since I posted last. It was after 3 days of not having the Cilantro. He was still taking his LLV but not the Cilantro.


Mom - I have a five year old son who is struggling with bedwetting...anyone have any suggestions?  I have tried Cypress and Massage Blend over the bladder area at night, no noticeable success.

Cassie - I had a friend who, when she was using a different oil company's oils, used their version of Grounding Blend on her boys every night and they stopped wetting the bed. So I would try Grounding Blend. Also my sister-in-law doesn't give them any liquids with sugar in them (including juices and milk) after 6:00pm. Only water. They also don't wet the bed now.


Mindy - Hi, Has anyone successfully used oils to help ease or stop bed wetting?  I have 4 friends asking that question. One has tried Cypress without any success. Thank you for your ideas.

Rosemary - My friend's daughter had this problem years ago, before I believed in Essential Oils. She had a mineral deficiency but don't remember which one.  It helped within a few days.

Shannon - We have tried the Cypress oils, but I must say that we haven't been religious about it. I have heard that it works, but really it is all about making sure they go to bed without a full bladder. Stopping liquids after 6 pm is very hard to do for the child that I am dealing with (14) so we are trying everything else. Please keep the suggestions coming they are all worth a try!

Stephanie - We had success when we cut out dairy products.

Koleke - my sister in nursing school, told me she learned in one of her classes, there has been success for bedwetting by giving the child four more hugs daily.  I am just starting this, and have no results to report as of yet.

Paula - I had a horrible bed-wetting problem while growing up.  Until I was around 10.  My parents were able to get control of it by cutting off any liquids after 6 pm.  That included watermelon and other foods with high water content.  Also they would tuck my blankets under the mattress.  There was no way that my blankets would come off me.  As long as I stayed warm it seemed I didn't have a problem.   My heart goes out to all the parents and children suffering with this.  I know how humiliating it is.  And I try to understand how hard it is to deal with it from a parents point of view.  I think the hugs are a great idea too!

Jessica - My son also had bed-wetting until age 12 or 13 - it even happened at a boy scout camping trip (embarrassing!)  He had to switch to the smallest depends for size requirements. I think we traced his to emotional issues - when he would get stressed, that's when it would happen.  I'm wondering if this also applies in your case.  Maybe a treatment with Grounding Blend on the feet before bed would help him as well?


Ashlee - Does anyone have any tips on bedwetting and using Cypress?  I have a friend that has tried this and still has not seen results.  Any other ideas?

Tausha – I would also like to know this. We have been using Cypress for bed-wetting on my son for about a month now and have seen no results. I have learned from experience that a little tweaking with application or dosage does go a long way, so I am open to ideas!


Tamalu - Any personal experiences with (...) oils and bedwetting?

Kathy - I have heard that sometimes dairy allergies can contribute to bedwetting.  Try getting the child (I assume) off dairy for at least 10 days.

Also make sure the child is not cold at night.  Have a heated blanket or something so his body temperature stays up.

Limit how much he/she drinks at dinner and before bedtime.

Use diuretic oils on his feet and ankles 2-3 hours before bed time. (citrus oils) Encourage him/her to go to the bathroom before getting in bed.

Bed-wetting is physiological and is never the child's fault.

I would be sure and spend quality time with the child prior to going to sleep.  Rub his back with calming, peaceful, spiritual oils.  ie. Grounding Blend, Calming Blend, Ylang Ylang, Lavender.  Spend the time praying with him or expressing qualities and afFirmations.

If he is over 100 lbs and can handle pills, consider getting him on the supplements. The EOmega pills might be the trick!

Protocols folks recommend for children



Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils


What Science & Research are saying

Australian Continence Journal, May 2001


DR ELIZABETH STEELS BSc(Hon) PhD Applied Science and Nutrition Pty. Ltd., TRACEY SEIPEL BSc BNt Dip Herb.M MsT, MANPA, AMANDA RAO BAppSc PGDip AppSc

Excerpts taken from this study follow (the full PDF may be found online).


This study investigates the effectiveness of a natural therapeutic preparation, BioLogic® bladder control cream, in relieving symptoms of urinary incontinence. The preparation, containing primarily essential oil herbal actives, was developed based on a review of the traditional literature and on consultation with natural therapy practitioners of treatments commonly used to relieve symptoms of urinary incontinence. The product was then formulated in accordance with the principles of essential oil administration.

The active ingredients are essential oils of Citrus sinensis (Orange) oil, Juniperus virginiana (Virginia cedarwood) stem oil, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) oil, Citrus aurantium (neroli or Orange flower) oil, and Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) leaf.  …


Thirteen women experiencing symptoms of urge incontinence and/or stress incontinence were recruited through newspaper advertisements. Three women withdrew from the study for personal reasons within the first few weeks. The remaining 10 women completed the 3 months of the study.

Women experiencing urinary incontinence on a regular basis were considered eligible for inclusion in the study if they met the following criteria:

• They had not undergone recent surgery, particularly hysterectomy or prolapse repair, within the last 12 months.

• They had not recently undergone childbirth (within the last 12 months).

• They were not using any medicine for incontinence symptoms in the last month.

• They did not have any serious health conditions such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease, pancreatic disease, hepatic disease or chronic inflammatory conditions.

• They were not currently being treated for psychotic disturbances.

• They did not suffer from skin disorders that are affected by transdermal applications.

Women were asked to maintain current dietary patterns but were not given any advice regarding diet during the study. The exercise patterns of the participants were also noted, with women engaged in some form of exercise at least three times a week regarded as being active.

Participants were asked to apply 5gm of the cream to the body twice daily for a period of 3 months.  …


…  Prior to commencement of the treatment, all women reported that they were extremely bothered by leakage. The cause of the leakage was often a combination of the feeling of urgency, the result of physical activity or just continuous leakage.  …

The study results indicate a significant positive change in the responses concerning leakage relating to urgency and activity. These effects were observed after the initial month on the treatment and continued to improve over the 3 months. There were also improvements in the area of continual leakage and difficulty emptying bladder, although these only became significant after the full 3 months of the treatment. It is noteworthy, however, that there were no significant changes in the response to frequency of urination over the 3 months. …


… The mechanism whereby this treatment may reduce incontinence symptoms is not clear. There is evidence for the use of Virginia cedarwood in treating incontinence, enuresis and assisting bladder tone as well as bladder infections, difficult urination and cystitis. The documented properties likely to produce this effect are the antispasmodic, diuretic, antiseptic and astringent.

Cypress is documented as an antispasmodic, astringent, antiseptic, deodourant, diuretic and tonic that may promote venous circulation to the kidneys and bladder area, improve bladder tone and assist with urinary incontinence and enuresis.

Recent literature describes Myrrh as an astringent and antiseptic that produces a soothing effect on mucous membranes of the urinary system and promotes healing of tissues. Orange and neroli are documented as having anti-spasmodic, antiseptic and deodourant effects.

These essential oils appear to target the urinary system and  promote better control over urination. But it is not clear whether  this is a result of an action on the muscles of the pelvic floor, sphincter or bladder wall itself. Some of these essential oils are also recommended for male reproductive health, indicating a possible effect on the prostate in men.

The common properties of each of these essential oils may provide some insight into their mechanism of action for incontinence symptoms. In decreasing order of commonality, the key actions that may relate to incontinence relief are antispasmodic, astringent, antiseptic, diuretic, deodourant and tonic.


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