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Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Flatulence

Bloating of the abdomen is the result of excess gas in the stomach and intestines. Normal levels of gas are taken care of through the natural processes of belching and flatulence. If they are not expelled naturally a tightness and fullness results that can range from mild discomfort to serious pain. The reasons for bloating are in two general categories. Swallowing an unusual amount of air is one category of problems and the other being digestive problems or disease that creates gas in the digestive system. 

The latter could include a digestive system infection, IBS, GERD, Crohn’s, peptic ulcers, celiac disease or an intolerance to certain foods. Also during normal digestion some foods will cause an unusual amount of gas for some individuals, for more information see Flatulence. Swallowing too much air is the other general category and can be the result of:

  A nervous habit of swallowing air

  Talking while eating

  Eating too quickly

  Drinking through a straw


  Poor fitting dentures

  Drinking carbonated drinks and beer

  Chewing gum

  Sucking on hard candy

Relief will include dealing with the immediate pain and discomfort and understanding the root cause and addressing that long term.   


[search helps: Abdominal bloating, meteorism, burping, distended, aerophagy, aerophagia]

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  Digestive Blend, LemonE, PeppermintC, Metabolic Blend

Essential oils based products: LLV supplements, Probiotic Defense Formula, TerraZyme

Also consider: CorianderE, FennelE, GI Cleansing Formula, MarjoramE, OreganoE. Rosemary

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

Immediate relief: Rub Digest Zen or a blend of Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary on the tummy area or take 3 - 5 drops of Digestive Blend in a capsule.

Chronic digestive problems with bloating: Use the LLV supplements consistently and 1 - 3 TerraZyme capsules with each meal. Some have found taking Metabolic Blend daily before meals very helpful (try 3 capsules daily of 10 drops each) .

Prevention: (Anticipation of meals or foods that may cause bloating.) Take 1 - 3 capsules of TerraZyme prior to or with the meal.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Submissions directly to  EverythingEssential Google Group.  Our thanks to:


Belinda - I just want to share that since using (...) products (LLV, GX/Probiotic Defense Formula multiple times, Terrazyme, plus various oils) for the last 8 months I have essentially been brain fog free. Yahoo!  I have had fibromyalgia for about 11 years, and have been plagued with the nasty fog for most of those years, despite spending millions on all sorts of herbs and potions from my Naturopath.  (Those other products definitely did help, but nothing has been able to shift it like (...) has!)  At times the fog was debilitating, agonizing just being awake, but of course no one can sleep 24/7.  At my worst I had scary episodes like the time I couldn't remember how to spell my own son's name (four letters long!), and the time I had a near miss in the car when I couldn't remember which peddle was the brake and which was the accelerator - and not just for an instant, but repeatedly all the way home for 10 very long minutes. 

But I am happy to say those days are behind me!  It only took about 10 days for the shift, and it's now been 8 months of clear thinking!  I feel like I have "ME" back, and am now able to focus and concentrate for long hours without a problem, and no headaches!  For example, I did 17 hours work on the computer over the last 2 days and my head stayed clear and pain free the entire time - a miracle!  This would have been impossible in times past.

Along with this, (...) has also given me relief from terrible digestion, which I had suffered with for years.  For months before starting (...) I had gut pain/bloating 24/7 from everything I ate (despite taking enzymes and HCL from my Naturopath), so couldn't enjoy eating at all, yet had to eat due to being hypoglycemic.  Now I have had 8 months of great digestion!  Yippee!  Which is kind of not surprising, as I have since learned that digestion and brain fog are usually linked.

Needless to say I am so grateful for (...) and for my wonderful doctor who introduced me to the products.  Happy days

Sally - Hi Belinda, Please post or attach the protocol here. That would be a help to many. I think many people are experiencing what you have experienced. What a powerful testimony.

(Editorial note: plus lots of other requests to see the protocol)

Belinda – Hi, I've attached the protocol given to me by my doctor.  Helen, his name is Dr Ismail, but I live in Perth Australia so I'm guessing he is probably a little too far away for you?  Hope it helps.  Cheers, Belinda

(...) Supplement Usage Recommendations


Days 1-10 *

•  Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) Pack (LLV) - as directed (i.e. Alpha CRS, xEO Mega and Microplex – 2 caps of each with breakfast, and 2 caps of each with dinner. Best to take mid-meal instead of at the end of the meal (to avoid the possibility of caps repeating on you).

•  GI Cleansing Formula - Take 1 capsule with a meal on Day 1, then build to 3 caps a day (one at each meal) over the following day or two (continue taking 3 caps a day till Day 10).

•  Terrazyme - 1 capsule 3 x per day with food – at start of meal or mid meal.

•  Lemon Oil – minimum of 2-3 drops in a glass of water 3 x daily (can drink more lemon oil and water than this if you wish – 10-12 drops lemon oil a day is good). Remember to use a glass, ceramic or stainless steel container to drink your lemon water from – NO PLASTIC!

•  Frankincense – 4 drops under tongue 2 x daily

•  Grounding Blend – rub 1-2 drops under soles of feet each morning

* Please note that you may experience nausea, tiredness, headaches etc. during the first 10 days. This is normal and will pass.


Days 11-30

•  Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) Pack (LLV) as directed

•  Probiotic Defense Formula – Take 1 capsule 3 x daily for 5 days, then stay on 1 – 2 caps a day

•  TerraZyme – 1 cap 3 x daily with meals

•  Lemon Oil – minimum 3 drops in water 3 x daily (up to 12 drops a day)

•  Frankincense – 4 drops under tongue 2 x daily

•  Grounding Blend – rub 1-2 drops under soles of feet each morning



Repeat Month 1 as above and add:

•  Detoxifying Blend Caps – 1 cap with breakfast, 1 cap with dinner

•  Metabolic Blend Metabolic Blend – start with 3 drops 3 x daily (in glass of water, or can shot glass it or take drops under tongue and wash down with water). Build up to 3-5 drops 3-5 x daily (maximum 25 drops daily)

* Highly beneficial to also use Calming Oils/Blends for stress throughout the day... such as Lavender, Calming Blend, Blend for Women, Grounding Blend etc.


Ileen - I have been taking the LLV for about a year and one-half and have recently completed two rounds of GX and Probiotic Defense Formula.  I will do another round again in a week or so.  (Due to multiple doses of antibiotics, I have had an overgrowth of yeast, and the GI Cleansing Formula really helped with the bloating and diarrhea as soon as I started it.


Donna - Can someone give me a really awesome, fairly easy to understand explanation of Metabolic Blend? I know for me personally it reduces my appetite and has eliminated sugar cravings and helps a ton with bloating and keeps my tummy calm.


Autumn  - I'm in need of some oil advice! I've had headaches, nausea and bloating in both stomach and intestines for the past week and haven't been able to figure out anything for relief. Yesterday I came to the thought of it being a hormone problem because I am also having what I would call hot flashes day and night. If anyone can think of something to help- please let me know.

Pat - I would suggest the Phytoestrogen and (now A Women's Monthly Blend) as a start, for balancing out the hormonal issues. The Digestive Blend would be good for the nausea and bloating and I would try Tension Blend for the headaches. If they truly are hormonal headaches then try Birch (if you have it).


HAH - All my life I have struggled with constipation issues. I have tried Digestive Blend and a blend of FCO, Ginger, Lemon, Coriander, Fennel, Wild Orange, and Black Pepper. I also take probiotics. No good results. Any other suggestions for chronic constipation? Thanks.

GM - 1000 mg of flax seed oil or cod liver oil. (or both). It’s also related to candida albicans. Also drink at least two quarts of water a day! Hope this helps!

Mechelina - I found a recipe of equal drops of rosemary, lemon and peppermint rubbed on the abdomen with some coconut oil. I used it on my husband's grandfather who was in the hospital because he had not been able to "go" for many days, and he went to the bathroom that day.

Emily - I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  The LLV has helped a ton along with changing my diet.  I avoid eating refined sugars, flours and preservatives as much as possible.

Lisa – I had problems too. It affects our health so much. LLV helps me. I discovered that when I forgot to take it for a day I bloated up horribly. Also I just started the TerraZyme. That cleaned me out. The other thing that helps me is a non (...) option but provides quick results and helps with headaches from being backed up, magnesium. I take 500 mg and within an hour I have a BM.

Tara - My mother-in-law had the same problem. I got her the Detoxifying Blend caps and it worked great.

Kcoapen - It takes constant attention, I have found.  A number of things work for a while, but when I stop being diligent it returns.  Currently I'm on about day 20 of the Detoxifying Blend regimen, with taking 2 Probiotic Defense Formula at night.  Things are moving well, still taking Lemon in my water and TerraZyme with most meals. And remembering a big water intake each day.  And moving my body in a significant way, most days of the week.  A constant, fluctuating organic system that just needs constant attention. 


Erika - Is it safe to say the after eating, or over eating, a meal, taking TerraZyme will help with the bloated feeling and help with the sleepiness that occurs after a meal? I love Mexican food and I always eat too much, to the point I need a nap afterwards because I am so bloated.  I have been taking TerraZyme, 2capsules, after my heavy meals and I feel not so bloated and less sleepy.  It is the TerraZyme and not a conscience, right?

 Kent - What is even better is to take it 15-30 min. before each meal?  This way, it does a better job of helping your body digest your food.  It is hard to remember to take it before each meal, but I think taking TerraZyme before a meal works much better.


OFT - Does anyone have a combination of oils and anything else that might help with by IBS. Most of the time I am in only constipation mode. I've gone as long as 10 days without going and ended up in the hospital.  My physician has me on laxatives everyday.  Obviously I do not like that.  I've done the GI Cleansing Formula, followed by Probiotic Defense Formula.  I use Digestive Blend with peppermint and clove in a capsule 3 times a day; plus I apply it on my stomach.  Still I have bloating, gas (both ways) and cramps. Marjoram works great for cramps by the way.

I'm not sure what to do.  I've done everything I know how.  I know I need to take care of the immediate issues, but I would also like to resolve the issue all together.  I've had this condition for 20 years. I'm always tired, constipated with headaches.  I also have occipital nerve headaches as well.  It seems the older I get the worse my symptoms get.

Erika - Have u tried Metabolic Blend?  One of my friends tried it for weight loss.  She has always had a problem of being irregular and sure enough, she is now regular, she is so happy!  She had gone to doc for help, tried activia yogurt and was frustrated. Hope this helps!

Melanie - Have you ever thought of gluten being a culprit? I get that way when I have gluten, much better now since cutting it out (got the headaches from it and being bloated, etc). Green smoothies are also helpful with chia seeds or flax. I know this is not an oils answer, but thought I would bring it up in hopes it might help. How much and how often have you used the Digestive Blend?

Brooke - I know a gentleman who has suffered from IBS since he was 8.  In just one week of taking Metabolic Blend in a capsule (full) three times a day – he was finding great relief.  It hasn’t taken it away completely – but he says it’s the first time in his 34 years something has worked.  Just an idea.

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