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Skin blemishes (age spots, Bags under eyes, chapped skin, dark circles under eyes, dry skin, flabby skin, itchy skin, liver spots, moles, oily skin, skin tags, stretch marks, wrinkles)

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


see also Acne, Athlete's foot, Boils, Chapped Lips, Dermatitis, Eczema, Impetigo, Jock Itch, Melanoma, Psoriasis, Rashes, Ring worm, Scabies, Scar Reduction, Skin cancer, Weight loss skin conditions.

There are a number of problems that can occur in the skin system.  On this webpage we will address a variety of relatively minor problems.  Other, more significant problems are addressed on separate pages and links to these are at the top of this page.  Here we will address and report peoples' experiences with a set of problems we have called skin blemishes or cosmetic problems.  These include:

• Age Spots (liver spots)

• Bags Under Eyes (dark circles)

• Chapped Skin (dry skin)

• Cracked Heels(heel fissures)

• Flabby Skin, Itchy Skin, Moles

• Oily Skin

• Skin Tags

• Stretch Marks

• Sun Spots

• Wrinkles.

Skin blemishes can come from natural aging, excesses in food or sun exposure, body stress during pregnancy, or a variety of other causes.  Essential oils are wonderful tools to help with skin problems.  Evidence of this is the number of commercial skin products that claim to include the benefits of natures products.  The problem is that in most commercial products they are using commercial ... plant derivatives and not pure therapeutic ... essential oils. But, this is good proof that essential oils have properties that can be very helpful with a variety of skin problems.

First, remember that basic skin hygiene and maintenance can lay the foundation for healthy skin.  The (...) company has developed a set of basic skin care products based on (xxx) (.... pure therapeutic ...) essential oils and these or similar products should be used as the first line of defense for good skin care.  Click here to see a description of these skin care products.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends:  CypressEC, FrankincenseEC, GeraniumEC, Grapefruit, HelichrysumE, LavenderEC, LemonC, MyrrhC, OreganoC, PeppermintEC, PatchouliC, SandalwoodEC, Metabolic Blend, Ylang YlangEC

Essential oils based products: ClearSkinC, GI Cleansing Formula, Anti-Aging BlendC, Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV), Probiotic Defense Formula, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Detoxifying Blend

Also consider: Calming BlendC, Roman ChamomileEC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

Age Spots (liver spots):

·    Cleanse the liver using Detoxifying Blend cleanse as recommended.  Other cleanses are described on another page, click here.

·   Equal parts Frankincense, Lavender, and Myrrh with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil applied topically daily.

Bags Under Eyes (Dark Circles)

·    Be aware there are different root causes for the puffy or darkness under your eyes.  Look for the root cause such as water retention, lack of sleep, not enough exercise and deal with it directly.

·   Cypress oils is a powerful astringent and Frankincense, Geranium, Myrrh, and Sandalwood have helped some.  Any of these oils with virgin coconut oil at night and neat in the mornings.

·    The (...) skin products Anti-Aging Moisturizer and Tightening Serum both have many of these oils pre-formulated to improve the tone and appearance of your skin.

Chapped Skin (dry skin):

·    Consider the root cause.  If it is dietary regain balanced nutrition by using the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV).

·   Apply topically to the areas Myrrh essential oil (undiluted) and/or make a lotion of Virgin Coconut Oil with 2-5% Myrrh essential oil (One ounce of carrier with 12 to 30 drops of Myrrh.)

·   Also see Eczema for extreme situations

Dry cracked heels (heel fissures):

·    Apply 2 -3 drops of Peppermint topically on the area in the morning and in the evening more Peppermint with VCO and cover with socks. Be consistent and patient.

·   Also consider the following lotion applied every morning and night.

·   10 drops Geranium

·   10 drops Melaleuca

·   10 drops Peppermint

·   blended with 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oils

Flabby Skin:

·    Massage the local area with the following blend.

·   2 ounces carrier oil, 1 ounce wheat germ oil, 36-72 drops Lavender or Metabolic Blend (2-4%)

Itchy Skin:

·   Apply 2 -3 drops of Lavender, Peppermint or Patchouli to the area (dilute with a carrier oil for larger areas or sensitive skin).

·   Apply Frankincense or Protective Blend to more severe spots.

Some suggest this can be internal toxins, nutrition or stress connected:

·    Cleanse using GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse as recommended.  This and other cleanses are described elsewhere, click here.

·    Limit to a vegan diet and complement with green smoothies.

·   Use the Massage Blend Technique daily or at a minimum weekly for relaxation.


·    Apply 1 drop of Frankincense topically directly to the mole.

·   Caution: If mole is changing in shape, size, or color rapidly seek a professional opinion on the type of mole it is and what procedures should be followed.

Oily Skin:

·    (...) makes a skin cleanser ((...) Facial Cleanser) with Melaleuca and Peppermint essential oils that freshens the skin.

·   Similar cleanser can be made using coconut oil with 2-5% Lemon essential oil.  One ounce of carrier with 12 to 30 drops of Lemon.

Skin Tags (can be from skin to skin rubbing, some are viral):

·   Apply Oregano (always dilute) and/or Frankincense 2 or 3 times daily till gone. Also Topical Blend is effective.

·    Cleanse using GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula cleanse as recommended.  Other cleanses are described on another page, click here.

Stretch Marks:

·    (...) makes a moisturizing skin lotion ((...) Anti-Aging Moisturizer) with Lavender, Jasmine, Geranium, and Frankincense essential oils that is prepared and ready to go.

·   To prepare your own lotion consider: Virgin Coconut Oil as a carrier, add Lavender, Frankincense, Geranium, and Helichrysum.  Start with 2% of each oil, that is 12 drops of oil for each ounce of carrier.

Sun Spots:

·    Those caused by fungus (tinea versicolor) use topical application of ClearSkin blend or other antifungal oils.  May require weeks of application.

·   Those caused by excessive sun exposure are the same as Age Spots discussed above.


Use the (...) combination of a:

·     The moisturizing skin lotion ((...) Anti-Aging Moisturizer) with Lavender, Jasmine, Geranium, and Frankincense essential oils

·   Combined with their tightening serum ((...) Tightening Serum) with Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Myrrh.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Age Spots

Loryjean - Is there an oil that will help remove age spots? Lemon "bleaches" them, but I am more interested in something that will go deeper and have a lasting effect.

Tamalu - Frankincense and Sandalwood have the ability to repair DNA. So regardless of the cause, be it localized oxidation, inflammation, or liver damage, the spot can be repaired as well as the root cause addressed. It may take some time, and requires consistent application of the oils.

Jan - Age spots, often called liver spots (a clue), are an indicator of a need for liver cleansing. Lemon, Helichrysum, and Frankincense applied topically over the liver or taken in capsules might be in order. (Avoid Lemon on skin exposed to the sun.) The Wellness Nutritionals (LLW) would be a very good idea. There are other "deeper" liver cleansing methods, such as a drinking a formula made of olive oil and Lemon juice - you can find them described on the web.

If you are not already using toxin free household, personal care, and gardening products, it would be a very good idea to eliminate them as a source of a lot of stuff the liver has to deal with.  Note: It is important to make sure the colon is working well before doing a liver cleanse.


Joni - My older brother has been using a DNA repair cream from a company I used to work with.  He used it to help with age spots and as preventative for skin cancer lesions. He asked me if there was something he could use with essential oils.  I know Frankincense can be used for skin cancer, but what oils would be good for age spots?  

Monica - I've had splotchy skin and developing age spots for years, mainly due to a liver condition that I deal with.  I use Frankincense, Lavender, and Myrrh on my face every day, followed by fractionated coconut oil.  I have personally experienced such great results that I rarely wear makeup anymore (I used to wear lots of makeup and use lots of high-dollar skincare products).


Denise - Do you think that this combination would also work for the darkening of skin that people get on their neck and underarms  when they have polycystic ovarian syndrome?

Rob - I have heard of Frankincense and Lavender being effective.  The other effective blend I have heard of that works is Lemon with Oregano.  I would try or rotate either of these.  The may be applied neat daily to the spots for a couple weeks.


Bags (dark circles) Under Eyes

Kathy - Anyone have personal experience with the oils for dark circles or bags under the eyes or fine lines?

Kelli - I would try Geranium with little coconut oil.  It really helps brighten your tone!  And the skincare line.


Grace - I have a friend who asked me yesterday if there are any oils that will help bags under the eyes as she has tried tea bags and other expensive cosmetic products but nothing has helped....I was thinking the (...) face product tightening serum but are there any single oils that would be good? And how many applications will it take to see a difference so she doesn't give up?

Julie Ann – Frankincense and Myrrh are my favorites.


Sunny -  I have age-related, heritage-related bags under my eyes.  What oils has anyone tried?  Thank you!

Kathy - I would first make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamin C.  It is a natural diuretic and will assist with collagen formation.  Water retention can greatly add to puffy eyes which might be genetic in origin.

As for oils, Cypress is a very powerful natural astringent.  I've also known of people that have had success with Sandalwood or Frankincense.  Remember there are different underlying causes of puffy, baggy or dark circle eyes, so the remedies might differ.  I would apply oils with a VCO carrier at night and neat in the morning. Use caution applying around the eyes.

Sometimes sleep habits can contribute.  Make sure you don't sleep with your face down, or your eyes "on the pillow"  Have your face and eyes clear during the night.


Dry Skin

Luvtotravel - A co-worker has very cracked skin on her finger tips and says it is painful. Has anyone has had experience with something like that.  It seems like maybe Geranium and Myrrh oils based on my reading in oils books.

Robyn - I have the same problem and am trying to figure out the best treatment.  My pointer fingers and thumbs are cracked along the sides and are so dry that I've been nursing an open crack.  I used Protective Blend and Melaleuca for a couple of days without much success.  It wasn't until I used the same oils and put a Band-Aid over it that it started to heal.  The skin that was covered by the oils and Band-Aid was also much softer.  

Brooke - One more idea, use fractionated coconut oil with your essential oils. I have a friend who's hands crack and bleed in the dry winter months, especially when she would uses a ton commercial hand sanitizer.  I made her a make-shift hand sanitizer using On-Guard blend (20drops) and fractionated coconut oil a bottle and then put a spray cap on it.  She LOVES it - and is so proud of how her hands look! They haven't been dry or cracked all winter long and we have had a very long, cold winter.


Dry Cracked Heels

Bonnie -  Are there any oils that would improve very dry, (sometimes bleeding) cracked heels?

Loryjean - I'm using Melaleuca and a good moisture cream, with socks, for my heels.

Rob - I had a friend that found out by accident that Peppermint healed dry, cracked heels. Apply neat in the mornings, apply with VCO or coconut oil at night and sleep with socks on. Be consistent for and patient, it might take a while.

Jan - A great heel healing balm for cracking heels. 1tblspn EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Peppermint, 10 drops Melaleuca.

Rub on heels every morning and night.

Jan - Dry, cracked heels are often caused by some sort of fungus. Whether that is the cause in your case or not, Jan's suggestion of VCO, Geranium, Peppermint, and Melaleuca would be great!


Itchy Skin

Mary Amber – I have had problems with itchy spots and my cousin is trying to help with essential oils. Two days ago she  gave me an Massage Blend technique on the eve before I began the GI Cleansing Formula and I really enjoyed it.  However, now my back has been really itching all over. It has broken out in little bumpy patches here and there. I am not sure what to attribute this awful itchy back to.  The spots on my hands are healing up but I have a patch on my chin that is crusty and itchy.

Pat - I would suggest that you are experiencing what some do during detoxification.  Your body expels the toxins that have accumulated.  I would drink plenty of water with one or two drops of Lemon per glass (cleansing).

Energy4life - I was able to help my Mom resolve her horrible itch, and here is what we did.

     Vegan diet: no animal products (including dairy), no gluten, no sugar-- not even fruit; green smoothies at least once a day, to get a high amount of "live" nutrition. LLW every day GI Cleansing Formula for 10 days, followed by Probiotic Defense Formula for 5 days. I want her to do a longer course of Probiotic Defense Formula actually, as I don't know how 5 days would be enough to replenish the gut Energy therapy treatments: Mom used Far Infrared therapy numerous times during the day, directly on the itchy area (her back). She also used the Chi Machine every day, which helps oxygenate the body. Towards the end of the GI Cleansing Formula course, I did an Massage Blend massage for her, which really helped her relax and sleep. Too bad I did not have time to do this every day, but even twice a week would be good. We began using Protective Blend directly on some of the spots on her back, and on the numerous skin tags that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere on her neck. The Protective Blend seems to be taking those away.

     While the GI Cleansing Formula is very powerful and effective, I think the combination of diet and other therapies helped resolve the itch faster than it might have otherwise done. She continues her treatments at home, and will be doing a second and third round of GI Cleansing Formula. I was just talking to her, and she has not had any recurrence of itch so far. Hopefully never, but I don't have a crystal ball so we just go one day at a time.


Cory - This is a question from a friend.  I am writing to ask advise about how one might treat an itchy rash. Here is some info about the rash:  This is the third year that it has repeated to plague my body in the spring and early summer.  The first year it showed up on my ankle, ears, and anus.  The second year it was on my face, ears and my belly.  Now this year it is on my left wrist, the top of my right hand, and a few itchy spots between my fingers.  The fist year they sent me to an allergist, nothing found. A dermatologist who treated me labeled the rash "hives".  He prescribed creams that didn't let my skin breath and my skin itched just the same and more. So last year I scheduled and had a liver function test done and we found my liver is just fine.  I have no yeast infections, I am currently nursing our 12 month old.  

I have used essential oils for five years but never the (...) products.  I need to act now and I need to know where to start with the (...) products.  Please help!  This rash seems to be pushing up under the skin and erupting. The itching is unreal.  I should share that we mainly have a diet of whole foods and drink water, milk, juice, and an occasional pop.  My family thinks this is stress related however I feel more stress around the holidays than I am feeling now.

Pat – You will find the (...) oils more pure and potent. I would suggest that you use the GI Cleansing Formula (a cleanse) and the Probiotic Defense Formula (a probiotic). You need to cleanse from the inside, since most skin eruptions stem from internal problems of some sort. Complete the cleanse and start nutritional supplements (LLW) as well. Also put a spray top on your Lavender oil and Cleansing Blend bottles.  Lightly spray the Cleansing Blend first and then the Lavender on the itchy areas.  Use them aggressively and consistently.

The oils will work better after the cleanse and probiotic have started to rebalance your internal systems. It sounds to me like whatever it is that you have internally, lies dormant and then erupts either from the weather change or based on your body clock.


Editor’s note – The following submission by Pony demonstrates the complications of pharmaceuticals and how difficult, but possible, it is to use more healthy alternatives.

 Pony - OH MY GOSH!!!  I have the same thing!!  And it's driving me crazy!! The itch is unbelievable when it flares up! Nothing seems to really help!  It started this Feb. on the right hand between the two middle fingers. Then the other hand a week later in the same place. These two spots have never ended completely.  Little tiny pumps, blister like, that break open when you scratch. Then dry up and stop for a while. Then repeat it again in a few days to a week.  At the same time as both hands, it was behind my right ear, base of neck, and the first go round my entire chest area and under left armpit area. This all quieted down for about a week then the second go round both arms from wrist to elbow, both sides. Again quieted down and then in a couple weeks the Third go round went to my inner thighs and behind knees. Now that has quieted down, but fingers and armpit persist although quiet for the moment.

None of the oils worked except Helichrysum. But I used an entire bottle in one week just on my arms. Many of the oils made it worse. I have been happily using the oils along with Probiotic Defense Formula and LLW regularly for well over a year now with incredible benefits! This has been a blow to my psychy about the oils. I even stopped using them at all for 3 weeks to see if that would help. Not.  I do drink a shot glass 1-2X day of Oregano, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile, and either Basil or Thyme. I do this for at least 10 days and then give it a break for several days. But the Oregano is the only thing that keeps the bad super-bug, psneudomonus aerugenosa, (lung bug) under control. And I know these are heavy cleansers but I have been doing this for over 6 - 8 months now.

This all started when I decided I wanted to get off a drug that has steroids in it I use for my COPD (chronic bronchitis) (Over a year ago, with the help of the LLW and Respiratory Blend, I quit using altogether my fast acting inhalator! Yes!) And I had been feeling so much better I wanted to see if I could get off the Advair too (long lasting bronchia- dilator). That's when it went nuts!   So, I believe(d) it was my body dumping the toxic buildup.

I went to my AMA doc in early March at first go round and she said "because I had built up such a high level of steroid that certain allergic reactions to "what" (unknown) were being suppressed. As I lowered this level of steroid in my system the allergies were no longer suppressed and began appearing".  She prescribed Prednisone, a strong anti-inflammatory, and a prescript cortisone anti-itch cream. And suggested I get on an anti-histamine (maybe forever--not!). I don't like adding more drugs to my body when I'm trying to get off them. I have worked with Prednisone before when I was really in trouble with my lungs years ago, so I used this and it worked immediately. All swelling went down--all itching stopped. Since none of the oils where working for the itching I worked between cortisone cream and Neosporin cream. I hate the fact that there is petroleum in them and a dozen other nasty things--but this itch is nasty too. I increased the steroid some to try to get to a level. And I believe I am there.

Each episode has slowed down more than the one before. I am now down to 50% of the inhaled Advair steroid since the beginning. I have been trying to regulate which foods seem to trigger the rash. Definitely dairy!  And sugars, of course. Anything that is going to impede the immune system. I try to eat balanced and as organic as possible. Very little red meat.  Salmon, chicken, pork (home grown). And tons of veggies! Need more grains, though.  Also--seems the more exercise I get helps. But not over doing it or it flares up.  I do feel I am making headway as the itch is less and shorter durations now. I haven't used the Prednisone for several weeks--I found Ibuprofen worked ok for anti-inflammation, and only if needed. But you say three years--every spring? I had shingles last spring. The oils did help tremendously for this. No pain at all and only lasted 4 weeks total. I wonder if they are related? Sorry, didn't mean to write a book. Hope someone's got an idea out there!  


Skin Tags

Submissions directly to  EverythingEssential.me.  Our thanks to:


Lena - Very stubborn skin tag gone in few weeks with Topical Blend 1! Thank you!


Energy4life - My elderly mother (nearly 82) ... Oh, one other thing--she has had lots and lots of skin tags erupt recently around the neck area. If anyone has advice, please help!

Pat - The skin tags are viruses and probably coming from the same thing as what is on her back. You are right in working on the inside of her body. She has some major things going on and the GI Cleansing Formula and Probiotic Defense Formula will be a great addition to your protocol. Putting a spray apparatus on a bottle of Lavender that has been diluted with coconut oil and spraying it on her back should help a lot.


Energy4life - A question, if the skin tags are caused by a virus, will they go away by themselves when we get the other issue resolved? Or will we have to remove them by cauterizing, tying off, or snipping them off as I have read some people do?

Pat - I had some skin tags under the breast and treated them with Frankincense, there is only one left and it will be gone soon. You have the choice, but I would rather they go away using the oils than have them snipped.


Loryjean - Are there oils that will specifically help shrink those annoying little skin tags? What about sebaceous cysts- and prevention of them?

Lil – Oregano oil for the skin tags.

Donna - Remember!!!! cut the Oregano before you just apply it freely to the skin!!!  It is HOT and will burn you. I know from personal experience!!! If you apply it do it to the tag ONLY!!   The nutritional supplements found in the Basic Vitality Supplements (LLV) trio (LLW) help to slow or stop the growth.

Shanna - The source of skin tags is fungus so several oils can be used including Clove, Geranium, Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Rosemary and Oregano, Thyme and Wild Orange.  Also the blend Protective Blend.


Denise - I have a acquaintance who gets what she calls "skin tags." They are just little growths, on her neck mostly, but other places too. She sometime just picks them off; they bleed a bit, and then heal. She has some thick ones under her arms and doesn't want to pick them off.  Suggestions?

Pat - I have no idea how this works but I had some skin tags and applied Frankincense and they went away. May not work for everyone and I could not figure out why they worked for me.

Rob - I had skin tags under my arm, and they took forever to get rid of!!!  But I rotated every 2 weeks between Oregano and Frankincense, and gradually they disappeared.  I have heard that Lemon works well for some.


Jen - My niece has a skin tag on the inside corner of her eye.  Since you can't put oils near eyes, what can they do?

Wendy - I don't know if it was a skin tag but I had something on the outside corner of my eye.  I use fractionated coconut oil mixed with Frankincense, Geranium, and Grapefruit for my moisturizer.  I spread it over my eye lids and surrounding area and after a couple of months it was gone.  I purposely put the mix on it but was really careful because it was right on my eye.  I hope that helps.

JJ - There are many oils that can help warts and skin tags, some are more effective than others on certain people.  Oregano, Clove, Frankincense, Thyme, and the blend Protective Blend are all oils I've used or heard of being effective.  You need to be careful around the eye, especially with "hot" oils.  You might want to use the end of a cotton swab or broken toothpick to apply a small microdrop.  Use a carrier oil with Oregano, Clove or Protective Blend. Switch to a different oil/blend every week or two so you don't get “tired” of a single oil.  Be patient, the process may take a few weeks/months.

Natc - I have used Frankincense right in the inside corner of my eye to remove a little growth. I had no irritation and it was a very gentle process that actually took the little growth away. I would try 1-2 times a day for 1-2 weeks.


Stretch Marks

Mjkw - I did really good not getting stretch marks my entire pregnancy, however the last 3 weeks I have gotten really deep stretch marks.  Are there any oils to help reduce the look of stretch marks?

Pat - Lavender and/or Helichrysum with fractionated coconut oil is really good.

Brenda - Does Myrrh or any oils help with stretch marks years later?  And would you use FCO with it?  And does using a carrier oil diminish the strength or potency of the oil?

Pat - Yes they can help, yes use FCO and no using a carrier does not diminish the essential oil, in fact the fractionated coconut oil has healing properties as well.

24Khealth – Myrrh also is good for stretch marks (that is why it was given to Mary after Christ's birth!).



Vikki - I posted a couple of weeks back that I had iritis/uveitis in my right eye, and I tried a couple of different things and ended up really liking the Frankincense/Cypress/Lavender blend - it's been really good for the iritis, and my eye doctor thought it was healing faster than it "normally" would, which is great.

I was going through my routine facial stuff yesterday morning and noticed that under the right eye was less wrinkled than the left, so I decided that I needed to put it around both eyes. This is a great side effect, but there's more! This morning, after my shower, I forgot to put my glasses on before I went downstairs, and I didn't even notice it until I went to turn on my computer! I've been wearing bifocals for 5 years for presbyopia and astigmatism, so this was fairly astounding to me. And the really, really cool thing is .... I haven't put my glasses on all day!!

Doniel - this is fantastic! Did you use equal amount of each and did you add any FCO?

Vikki - I did use equal amounts of each oil, and in the beginning there was some burning sensation to I used FCO, however, since the inflammation has died down, I haven't had to use FCO at all. I keep it in a little "trial size" roller bottle and just roll it on the bone under each eye and along my eyebrow. Also, I just want to make it clear that this has not corrected my eyesight totally, it just makes it easier to see. Though, given more time, who knows!

Laura - At an event a couple weeks ago, Dr. Hill said he has been putting Anti-Aging Blend around the eye bones and no longer needs his reading glasses.  I didn't catch how long he has been doing this, but I'm trying that now.

Vikki – I'm attaching a picture. I'm not impressed with the bags under my eyes, but look at the difference in the wrinkles!!



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