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Urinary Tract Infection (kidney, bladder, urethra)

Parts of this were taken with permission from Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide, published by: The Family Tree, 2008


UTI, Cystitis 

Urinary TractThe urinary tract begins with the kidneys then to the bladder through the two ureter tubes.  Then exits from the bladder through the urethra to the outside.  The urethra in a male passes through the prostate gland.  An infection in any part of this system may be referred to as a UTI.  There are also specific names for infections in each of the areas.  

·  Urethra – urethritis. 

·  Bladder – cystitis

·  Bladder wall inflammation - interstitial cystitis 

·  Kidneys – pyelonephritis

A UTI is more common in women than men because of the shorter urethra.  The infection can be uncomfortable if not very painful.  If it is not treated and it progresses to the kidneys it can become very serious.

Oils, blends & products recommended:

Primary:  CypressC, Frankincense, LemonEC, Protective Blend, OreganoC, SandalwoodEC


Also consider: Cassia, Cinnamon, MelaleucaC, ThymeEC

Note: to understand the E and C superscript go to Home and scroll to New Helps.

Suggested protocols:

For adults:

·    Fill a 00 capsule with 2 drops Frankincense, 6 drops Protective Blend, 6 drops Oregano.

·   Take one capsule, 3 times per day.

·   Also drink 1/2 cup of unsweetened, natural cranberry juice (not the grocery store type but that purchased in a health food store) 3 times per day.  This is bitter but worth the distasteful experience.

·    Continue 2 or 3 days after the discomfort stops.

For children:

·   1/2 cup of of unsweetened, natural cranberry juice (not the grocery store type but that purchased in a health food store) 3 times per day.  This is quite bitter and may need to be sweetened with honey.

·   Add 3 drops of Protective Blend to the cranberry juice.

·   (if the cranberry juice is too distasteful put the Protective Blend in a capsule and fill with cranberry juice).

·    Topically apply 1-2 drops of Oregano to the bottom of the feet 3 times per day.

For everyone:

·   Some also recommend Cypress applied topically over lower abdomen 2 times per day along with the protocols above.

·   Drink lots of water and add 1 to 2 drops of Lemon essential oil to each glass of water.

Most frequently a UTI is a bacterial infection and experience suggests that starting oils as soon as the UTI is suspected and being very aggressive with the frequency of application can reduce the time of discomfort significantly.  Also, to be safe from reoccurrence, continue the oils for a week after the symptoms have subsided.

Experiences and Testimonials of others

Kirsten --

2.30pm.  Have just spent a wonderful 4 hours with friends discussing (...), having breakfast, drinking tea.  Driving home I feel the need to go to the bathroom but with urgency.  I have already been to the bathroom at the cafe and felt that things weren’t quite right.  It was cold in the cafe and I’m starting to think I might have caught a chill in the urinary tract.

2.35pm.  At home, just been to the bathroom.  Passed only a little urine, in pain and still feel a sense of urgency.  This isn’t good. It’s been about 10 years since I suffered cystitis and I know the feeling all too well.  I’ve had instances before in the distant past when cystitis has been more than just burning and frequency, it’s been blood in the urine and a kidney infection, then a course of antibiotics or two.

2.36pm.  Time to act.  I go to the kitchen and put the kettle on. Pour a glass of water and drink it all.  Cut a large slice of Lemon and put it into the glass, fill with water and drink it. The kettle boils and I make a warm Lemon tea - just a slice of Lemon in a glass. I feel like adding Clove and Cinnamon essential oils.  I don’t know why - I just feel like adding them.  I drink the tea and for some reason the Clove and Cinnamon do not feel hot in my mouth like they normally do.  I make a hot water bottle and hold it to my abdomen.

2.40pm .  In the bathroom again.  The pain at the end of urination is intense and burning.  This is not good!  I’m starting to think of more oils and think Oregano.  There must be an infection of some sort there.

2.42pm.  In the kitchen - another glass of water.  I look up UTI in the Modern Essentials book.  It says put a drop of Oregano and a drop of Protective Blend and rub into abdomen above the pubic area followed by a hot compress.  So the Oregano and the Clove were right as was the hot water bottle.

3.00pm.  Am sitting with my bottle compress over Oregano and Protective Blend on my abdomen.  To the bathroom again.  Urgency, pain - and blood in the urine.   I’m in trouble but I’m feeling bright in spirits so that’s hopeful.

3.02pm.  Back in the kitchen, more water and Lemon tea.  Make a veggie cap with a drop of Oregano, a drop of Protective Blend and a drop of Lavender, a few drops of olive oil, shake it up and swallow.  Don’t know why Lavender but it felt soothing.

3.30pm.  Back to the bathroom.  Still pain and blood.

3.50pm.  Slightly more comfortable.  Decide to eat some buttered toast.  That feels good too.

6.00pm.  I’ve renewed the hot water bottle a couple of times and keep sipping water. Have to pass urine several times each hour.  More Oregano and Protective Blend on the abdomen and I’m feeling a bit better.

6.30pm.  It’s been 20 minutes since I last went to the bathroom. Still feeling sore but a bit better.  The blood is less and the pain has subsided quite a lot.  Still feel fullness and soreness but not as bad.

7.00pm.  A decent amount of urine and hardly any blood.  Pain at level 3 instead of level 9.

7.40pm.  A drop of blood again.  More Oregano and Protective Blend on the abdomen.

8.10pm.  A decent wee!!  No blood.  Pain at level 2.  Still uncomfortable but OK.  Think the corner has been turned.  Six hours of intense self treatment and CTPG essential oils and I’m feeling OK. Previous bouts of cystitis in years gone by have lasted days.  Now I'm starting to feel really good!

Following day -  Slept well last night and had to get up only once.  This morning I feel fine, can still vaguely feel the symptoms but only if I study myself hard. I'll be following up with more oils today, but I'll be going to work as normal!

Pat -- Thank you, thank you for sharing. You have helped many of us know what to do. You also reinforced the aggressive and consistent use of oils as needed.


Catherine - My husband is suffering with a urinary infection, he is on antibiotics.  Which oils can you recommend?

Arin - I have a friend that uses Oregano anytime she gets a UTI. Just 3 drops in a capsule or in honey. Taste kinda gross but works wonders!

Azmidwife - Dr. Hill recommends Cassia in a capsule, 5-6 drops, 3-4 times a day for about 10 days. You will see results sooner than that, but continue the 10 days to be sure it's out of your system.

Natalie - I use 4 drops of Protective Blend and 4 drops of Lemon in a capsule...at least twice a day.  I got rid of a bladder infection in just one short day! Keep taking it for at least 5 days.


Kirsten -- My daughter is coming home this week from college for the summer. She has a urinary tract infection right now...so when she gets home Friday , I am going to suggest the GI Cleansing Formula and the Probiotic Defense Formula for her. I have some here just waiting for her. She also has type 1 diabetes.

Pat --  Take the GX and PB and also the Coriander in a capsule to help with the diabetes. She should also not go back to school without the LLW. More than any other thing she needs to be on LLW.


Shannon –  I had a horrible UTI (urinary tract infection) last Tuesday. I get them so bad that I have only been able to take antibiotics to rid them. However guess what?? I got HIVES this time from taking the only one that I am not allergic to! So what oils can I take for both and please tell me quickly. I can't stop itching!!!!!

Dian -  Lemon oil internally in water for the UTI. Lavender topically for the hives.

Caz – I had the same problem this week(UTI). Haven’t had this for a long time but when I do it is usually a doozy. I have been taking Protective Blend...one drop in water three times a day plus Lemongrass rubbed on tummy (bladder area) and on bottom of my feet. So far it is not progressing and is starting to feel better. This is my second day using the oils.

Also have you been having the cranberry juice? If not I would get some cranberry capsules also. Many years ago I was almost hospitalized with same problem and had stronger and stronger antibiotics which gave me many other problems! Finally I took things into my own hands and the cranberry capsules and juice worked wonders!!!! Now I am trying the oils but am also having the cranberry juice. So far so good.

Brooke - If it is an infection, whether it be viral or bacterial, I would suggest Protective Blend or Melaleuca with Lemon on the bottom of your feet as well as in capsules internally. (help from Modern Essentials book)

Other recommendations in the book were: Cleansing Blend, Lemongrass and Geranium applied topically to the area with a warm compress.  Doing this several times throughout the day would be helpful.  Maybe even alternate doing those topically with Protective Blend too.

AZ midwife - Cassia in a capsule is the best oil for a UTI. 4-5 drops 2 times a day, morning and night.  1/2 the dose for one week after the symptoms are gone.


Angelailona - Any essential oils recommendations for UTI?

Rob - Get some cranberry juice from your local health food store.  (Not the sweet type made with HFC and concentrates but real cranberry juice made with no sweeteners and no additives.)  Get a small glass or a shot glass and pour 2-3 tablespoons of cranberry juice and add 3-4 drops of Protective Blend.  This will not taste good. In fact it might be the worst things you've ever had to drink but, keep it up hourly, and depending on how sever the case is, you will find relief in a few hours or a few short days.  Also drink lots and lots of water too.

You can also apply Oregano essential oil to the soles of your feet, just above the heel or Cleansing Blend to areas of discomfort.

Marc - Anyone had success treating bladder infection?

Rob - I would begin by taking 00 capsules of the following:

·   12 drops of Protective Blend

·   6 drops of Oregano

·   2 drops of Frankincense

Take them three times per day with cranberry juice.  Not the sweetened stuff, the 100% pure stuff from the health food store.  It's very bitter but the antibiotic mix and the cranberry juice should be pretty effective. Once the pain and discomfort subsides, keep taking the blend for a few days so the infection does not come back.

Janella - Another good antibiotic blend for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or bladder infection is:

·   Cinnamon (10 drops)

·   Oregano (10 drops)

·   Lemon (10 drops)

·   Frankincense (2 drops)

Also take this in size 00 gel caps (capsules).

You could also apply the oils with a warm compress to the lower abdomen/upper pubic area. I have also heard that the compress coupled with drinking ¼ cup of 100% cranberry juice hourly is very good.  Another suggestion is 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon taken hourly.

See a competent medical professional if the pain gets too extreme, or moves into the back and kidneys.


Jenyce - My grandma has had chronic bladder infections for years. She is on a daily dose of antibiotics plus takes those cranberry pills like they are going out of style. I am thinking Oregano in a capsule.  Will that help?

Cortney - You are right with the Oregano in a capsule.  We have had great success with the following mix in a capsule:

·   Oregano (4 drops)

·   Lemon (2 drops)

·   Melaleuca (2 drops)

Rob - Yes, you are right on, Oregano in a capsule.  I would use 6 drops of the Oregano plus 3 drops of Protective Blend or Thyme.  Take them 3 times daily.  I have heard that organic unsweetened cranberry juice is more effective than the cranberry pills.  The daily dose of antibiotics is scary.  See if she will get off those. I believe she will see success with the protocols suggested.

Jessica - I have had fabulous results with Juniper oil and any kidney issue. Also Frankincense and Lemon in a capsule supports kidney functions...and I would gladly take that in place of a daily antibiotic.

As for the unsweetened cranberry juice...its really not that bad. I mix it half and half with pure water and add about four drops of Lemon oil (in my stainless steel water bottle) and it is actually very refreshing. I keep a bottle around because it works so quickly and effectively!

Jenyce - Thank you so much for all the input. Now how long can a capsule sit before it mistaken? I know the Lemon will dissolve the capsule what about the other oils? Do I need to have her make the capsules one at a time or can she make a couple days worth?

Rob - Oils will soften them over few days depending on the oils.  So you need to make them every 2-3 days.


Protocols folks recommend for children

Brooklyn - My niece is 5 years old and went in to get her kindergarten shots and they did a urine test and said she had blood in her urine. They told her she has a urinary tract infection although she has not complained of any problems. My sister wants to try essential oils. Which ones would be the best and how often and for how long? 

Rob – This is similar as what is suggested for adults.  Start with cranberry juice from your local health food store.  (Not the sweet type made with HFC and concentrates but real cranberry juice made with no sweeteners and no additives.)  Get a small glass and pour 2-3 tablespoons of cranberry juice and then add 3-4 drops of Protective Blend.  This may be too distasteful for a child so you may want to try to sweeten it with honey. Another alternative is a capsule.  If they can swallow a capsule put 2 drops of Protective Blend and fill the remainder with cranberry juice.  As with an adult take this at least hourly.  Also applying Oregano to the feet, just above the heel and on the inner side of each foot has been helpful to others.

Deb - I don't have an answer on the oils, but we have had a rare inherent condition in our family called trigonitis. It is where tiny blood vessels in the bladder break and bleed into the urine.  It always worries doctors at first because they suspect infection or kidney conditions. When they realize what it is, no one seems to worry and it's never created any problem for any members of our family. My mother had it all her life and just passed away in her 80's.  You might want to ask the doctor about it.


Niki - I need Help!  My 4-year-old daughter has a bladder infection. Just this evening when going to the potty she cried that her pee hurts and when wiping her the pee was tinted pinkish red.  She has never had this issue before. I read in a post a while back that ombody had rubbed diluted Cinnamon on the bladder area.  I don't have Cinnamon but I do have Cassia, is that considered to have the same properties and can that be used or does it need to be Cinnamon only?  Also, Oregano, Frankincense and Lemon on the bottom of the feet, I am going in the right direction?

Wendy - You are totally going in the right direction!  I would give her lots of liquid!  If you can, go get some cranberry juice, not the sweetened kind you find at the grocery store, the unsweetened kind in the health food store.  It is really nasty, so you might have to sweeten it with agave or something natural just to get her to drink it.  Cranberry juice has been really effective for me personally along with the oils!!  Good luck!!!

And yes, I would think that Cassia would be a good substitute for Cinnamon.  If it were my child, I would put it on (with a carrier) and then follow with a warm compress, 3 times a day.  Being 4 she might not sit still

Samara - Any of the oils you can get her to drink would help too.  Maybe Lemon in the cranberry juice?  My baby likes the taste of Protective Blend in his milk.  Maybe also if you could get her to sit in a bath with some of the oils it would bring some relief.


Kendra - Are you sure that she has to have the cranberry juice from the health food store?  

Rob - Yes.  The high fructose syrup variety might cause worse problems.  Use the organic, unsweetened product.  If you have to, use agave, honey, or stevia.  Also try the suggested oils on the feet using the reflexology points shown on any reflexology mapping.


Diet and Nutritional complements to essential oils


What Science & Research are saying

Antibacterial activity of essential oils on microorganisms isolated from urinary tract infection.

Rev Saude Publica. 2004 Apr;38(2):326-8. Epub 2004 Apr 26;   Pereira RS, Sumita TC, Furlan MR, Jorge AO, Ueno M.;   Departamento de Biologia, Universidade de Taubaté, Taubaté, SP, Brasil.


The antibacterial activity of essential oils extracted from medicinal plants (Ocimum gratissimum, L., Cybopogum citratus (DC) Stapf., and Salvia officinalis, L.) was assessed on bacterial strains derived from 100 urine samples. Samples were taken from subjects diagnosed with urinary tract infection living in the community. Microorganisms were plated on Müller Hinton agar. Plant extracts were applied using a Steers replicator and petri dishes were incubated at 37 degrees C for 24 hours. Salvia officinalis, L. showed enhanced inhibitory activity compared to the other two herbs, with 100% efficiency against Klebsiella and Enterobacter species, 96% against Escherichia coli, 83% against Proteus mirabilis, and 75% against Morganella morganii.


Editorial note – The common names for the three essential oils tested are Basil, Lemongrass, and sage.


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