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doTerra Yearly Convention

thanks to Jon Huber for doing these detailed notes

November 6-7, 2009

Salt Lake City, Utah

1.  They started the conference by playing a new, awesome, doTerra introduction video, which will be available soon to distributors

2.  Dave Stirling – President and CEO

a.  Take the time to read the company mission statement – doTerra really means this.

i.  doTerra is really going to the entire world.

ii.  Dave’s hope is that you will incorporate the mission statement into your businesses and teams.

iii.  Introduction of groups from Taiwan, Japan, and China who were in Salt Lake for the convention.

iv.  Video of the Aroma Touch technique, which has been launched all over the world.  It took Dr. Hill 1.5 years to develop this technique.

v.  More world news – doTerra has just opened a warehouse and office in England.

vi.  doTerra is still self funded.  Many of the founders leveraged their homes, and many founding executives went one year without pay.  100% private ownership.

vii.  Became self sustaining after 4 months of operation.

viii.  Record-breaking growth every single month, which is incredible and expected to continue.

ix.  The retention rate of distributors is over 65%

b.  Expectations for doTerra – Built to be a Philion dollar company because of:

i.  The high performing, experienced executive team

ii.  It has the most effective products in the wellness industry

iii.  A seamless sales plan

iv.  Great IT Infrastructure

v.  Global Expansion

vi.  “Wellness Revolution” – the next trillion dollar industry.   Also the title of a book.

c.  Trust

i.  doTerra team has learned to trust one another

ii.  We may have to shift our behaviors sometimes to become more trusted

iii.  To be trusted you must possess integrity and competency

iv.  A person who lacks confidence in themselves, will have a difficult time trusting others

v.  Trust is not blind.   It comes by proving someone or something again and again

vi.  If you are going to be successful, you must also build teams and EARN each other’s trust

vii.  Don’t forget to BOND!

viii.  CATCH THE doTerra WAVE!

3.  Rob Young – VP of marketing – Announcement of a new skin care line

a.  doTerra Essential Skin Care – A combination of the nature’s pure essential oil extracts and the latest advances in skin care scientific development

b.  The best of nature, which means of “Of natural origin”, and the best of science meaning it is “Clinically supported”. 

c.  None of the bad

d.  Guaranteed safe.  Guaranteed effective. 

e.  In lifelong wellness, doTerra talks about genes.  When you say people have good genes, you say they have great traits. 

f.  doTerra lifestyle wellness pyramid applies to skin care products

g.  Beautiful skin begins with healthy cells.  Need to protect DNA in our skin cells, and promote healthy genetic expression.

h.  What is the definition of young looking, beautiful skin

i.  Smooth, no wrinkles

ii.  Even color

iii.  Radiant

i.  Anatomy of wrinkles

i.  Mechanical creasing

ii.  Loss of subcutaneous pressure – what’s underneath isn’t pushing out as much

j.  Anatomy of a skin spot

i.  Inflammation

ii.  Melanin production

k.  Anatomy of dull skin

i.  Poor hydration

ii.  Poor nutrition

l.  Five products, built around daily regimen (every morning and evening) of

i.  Cleanse – remove impurities, and clean microbial issues on face.  There are also therapeutic benefits

1.  Facial cleanser –

a.  Melaleuca (astringent, cleansing)

b.  Peppermint (relaxing, vasodilator)

ii.  Tone

1.  Calm skin, balance PH

2.  Lavender, Ylang Ylang, German Chamomile

3.  Soybean extract, Pumpkin seed extract (inflammation), Cruciferous vegetable extract

iii.  Nourish

1.  Hydrate, nourish

2.  Lavender, Jasmine

3.  Technologies

a.  Matrikine messaging (iimproves elacicity)

b.  Patented Hyaluronic acid

iv.  Tightening formula

v.  Exfoliate/Polish

1.  Grapefruit and Peppermint

2.  Technologies

a.  Jojoba beads

vi.  Target

1.  Fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, unevenness

2.  Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh

a.  DNA repair and function

b.  Cellular repair and biogeneiss

c.  Tissue matrix repair and healing

3.  Rhizobian and Acacia Gum Extracts (tightens skin, improves smoothness)

4.  Oat Kernel Extract (reduces surface area of wrinkles)

5.  Proprietary Perflurocarbon (for skin respiration and hydration)

6.  Brown Algae Extract (for skin clarity)

4.  The skin care line was formulated by Mark Warr, who has worked in skin care for 25 years.  Has formulated products for some of the top skin care companies in the world, and now for doTerra.

a.  Mark’s presentation

b.  Structure of skin - There are three layers to skin

i.  Epidermis – turns over rapidly.   Composed of rapidly developing cells.

1.  Horny layer

2.  Granular layer

ii.  Dermis – Consists of fibroblasts.  This is the structure of the skin.  Very important  in youthful appearance of skin

iii.  Subcutaneous fat – blood supply

c.  Problems with skin

i.  Old vs. Young skin – you can tell

ii.  Epidermis becomes flattened in oily skin.  Cell production slows as you age.

iii.  How to get rid of wrinkles?

1.  Increase the biomass, under and in the wrinkle, like blowing up a balloon.

2.  Older skin can repair the damage.  Collagen and elastic breaks.  You lose the elasticity, and then the stretching doesn’t happen as it should, and you get wrinkles.

3.  To combat this – understand the process of why it slows down, and then address it.  The cells are the same, but when you get older, they lack the proper signaling.

4.  Things that twenty years ago were only in prescription drugs are now in these products.

5.  In old skin, the epidermis shrinks.  Have to increase cell turnover and elasticity. 

iv.  Contains Matrikines

1.  Small protein fragments derived from an enzyme.

2.  Discovered in process of wound healing.  When a wound is formed, they chew up proteins pieces called polypeptides.  These fragments are the stimulators of cellular activity.  These are the cellular messengers

3.  These fragments of peptides actually turn on cell turnover and increase it, so that the epidermis increases in size, like blowing up a balloon. 

v.  Contains RejuvenOx – instead of using air, they put a liquid substance in their lungs and is used by divers to breathe.  Oxygen is good for cellular growth.  The goal is to increase the cellular metabolism.  14 days of using the product resulted in 40% reduction in number of wrinkles, and 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

vi.  Stretching technologies of different types of gums.  Called “Easyliance”.  It dries and tightens.  In contracts, lifts the wrinkles up and out.  Smoothing the micro-relief of the skin.  You can actually see results in 5 minutes, and works for the day and then fades.  Immediate and visible lifting.

vii.  Results in a “Botox-like” effect, except it’s natural ������� muscle relaxation technology – tense muscles cause crows feet and other wrinkles over time.  doTerra��s is not paralyzing like Botox, but a decrease in the frequency and intensity of muscle contractions, and gives the skin a break to let it heal itself.  Unlike Botox, the results occur and then fade.  Unlike Botox, in this you don’t lose strength in the muscle.   Botox is not good for you, it is actually a poison.  This product from doTerra is not! 

viii.  In between a muscle and a nerve, you have a synapse, which is a space where a neurotransmitter must cross.  In order to release them, you have to for a complex of proteins. 

5.  Back to Rob Young

a.  Skin care pricing, packages, autoship rewards

b.  Cleanser 16.50

c.  Toner 17.50

d.  Serum 49.50

e.  Moisturizer 34.50

f.  Monthly set costs $110, 100PV if bought as a kit.  If you buy the kit, you get the scrub for free, it is an $18 value.  

g.  This will be released in December 2009

h.  Can get one today at the convention for $89.50, plus a free cosmetic bag. 

i.  With the serum, the tube automatically flattens, and you get 99% of the product.

j.  Using an airless pump.  

6.  Dr. Hill

a.  doTerra always produces the highest quality products, based in science.  doTerra has a desire to help other people.

b.  New products in 2009

c.  New essential oils in 2009

i.  Coriander Essential Oil – a lot of medicinal values and benefits.  Has been used for over 5000 years.  Most often used for harmonitive benefits.  It is soothing and calming to the digestive system.  It is used in digestzen. 

ii.  The EO comes from the seeds.  The spice is the dried nuts.  We take if from the seeds because the leafy part (stalk) is Cilantro

iii.  There are differences between Coriander and Cilantro.  When you distill the seed compared to the stalk, you get a different chemical profile

iv.  Cilantro EO – is all aldehydes.  Anti-inflammatory.  It is in doTerra’s Purify. 

v.  Coriander EO – must make sure the plant is distilled at the right time.  There are stages that can be distilled.  Stage 3 – 88% Linalool (alcohol).  Only a few oils have a high concentration of linalool.  This is extremely powerful for Type 2 diabetes. Pharmacuetical companies are marketing this and say they can lower blood sugar levels permanently.  Type 2 diabetes is 100% curable. 

vi.  Linalool – Enables the pancreas to perform in a normal manner by helping the pancreas to heal, not by increasing the output and production of insulin.  When we have uncontrolled sugars in our systems, the body cannot control its systems. 

vii.  Linalool activates insulin receptions on the surface of the cells and cures Type 2 diabetes.

viii.  How Dr. Hill is using Coriander.  In a capsule and taking it internally. 

ix.  Other oils for type 2 diabetes.  All of these have been scientifically proven to lower blood sugar in the body. 

1.  Cinnamon bark – not Cassia

2.  Lemongrass

3.  Grapefruit

4.  Ginger

5.  Basil – has about 60% Linalool

x.  Chronic Candida Syndrome

1.  3 of every 4 women have this, and suffer from a yeast infection

2.  Candida is part of normal flora. 

3.  The power of PB assist.  This will help grow candida and yeast.  Probably the first probiotic on the market that is actually functional. 

4.  The magic trio – Oregano, Melaluca, Lemon – controls candida in your body. 

5.  Lemongrass – also destroys candida and yeast

6.  Peppermint – reduces inflammation during cleansing

7.  GX assist contains caprylic acid from coconuts.  The supplements at the health food store are not delivered correctly.  GX assist provides the right delivery system

a.  GX Assist contains Oregano, melalueca, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Thyme, caprylic acid.  In an enteric capsule so that it is delivered to your large intestine, not in stomach.

b.  The GX cleansing should be done every month.  Start with a ten day supply for cleansing, and immediately following that by using PB assist.  GX assist followed by PB assist is the procedure.

8.  Thyme.  Very powerful for a lot of reasons.  One of the most powerful uses is to destroy Candida and yeast.  It also aids in respiratory issues.

9.  Bergamot Essential Oil – very unique qualities.   Is a citris oil.   This is a very bitter fruit.  Cold pressed from the rind of the fruit itself.  Why cold pressed and not steam distilled?  Because we don’t want to change the chemical composition.  doTerra cold presses it at just the right time.  Here is what make Bergamot so powerful.

a.  Limonene Concentration

i.  Lemon 73%, Wild Orange 90%, Grapefruit 95%

ii.  Bergamot – only 30% Limonene

b.  Contains Terpineol, Pinenes – anti-infectious in the body. 

c.  Very similar properties compared to Melaleuca.

i.  Anti-infectious

ii.  Anti-Nausea

iii.  Pro-Digestive

iv.  Anti-Vomiting

v.  Helps with Cold and Flu prevention

d.  Bergamot’s most powerful use is to combat depression. 

e.  One potential problem – it has furocoumarins – put it on and you could get sunburn more easily

i.  Vitalago – where we lose pigmentation in our skin

ii.  Why to leave furocoumarins in Bergamot

1.  We don’t take “furos” out because they reduce muscle spasms and cramps.

2.  Immunity – block cell to cell communication for the genetic expression of pathogenic bacteria. 

3.  Inhibit enzymes which can activate compounds to form cancer. 

f.  Chamomile essential oil – different types (german, roman,

i.  doTerra provides Roman Chamomile – smells like green apples.  It is good for:

1.  Skin irritation (soriisis, exema)

2.  Nausea

3.  Vomiting

4.  Heartburn

5.  Intestinal Gas

6.  Muscle spasms

7.  80% esters – very calming and soothing to the body, emotions, reduce inflammation, reduce muscle spasms.    Esters are really good for emotional sequences in the body.  Great for depression and anxiety, one of the primary functions.  doTerra wanted to pull it out so that we could have all the esters.

8.  Roman Chamomile is in serenity.

g.  Introducing a new product from doTerra to directly combat all kinds of headaches.  It is called “PastTense”, and it comes in a roll-on.  For tension relief and especially headaches.  It has Cilantro in it, which is excellent for Migraines.  Put a little on temples, foreheads, back of neck.    

7.  Justin Harrison

a.  Over 10K distributors worldwide

b.  Million $$$ secret – be the messenger, not the message, based on folks who make over 100K a month.  How?

c.  How do we Be The Messenger, Not The Message!

i.  Let people use it

ii.  Tools – tools are the message

iii.  EverythingEssential.Me –

iv.  BuilddoTerra.com – everything is posted here.  It now has a “New IPC Tutorials” section.   It has a list of newly recorded videos

v.  Modern essentials book is now available from Aroma tools, with references and uses based on doTerra products.   

8.  Nicole Stevens – Chemist and Member of doTerra Scientific advisory board.  Summary of the research she has done this past year. 

a.  An estimated 70% of bacteria causing infections in hospitals are resistant to one or more antibiotics

b.  Bacterial infections are the main causes of death, following other infections.  For example, you get the flu and then after that you can’t fight off another bacterial infection and you die.

c.  Seasonal flu in an example.

d.  SIDS – significant portions of death showed infection of Staphyllococcus, the precursor of MRSA. 

e.  Essential Oils

i.  Better for killing bacteria and improving the health of patients

ii.  Long since been proven to be highly antibiotic and antiviral, and EOs have the synergistic affects.  The US is behind in natural product research compared to other countries, who are doing a lot of research.  EOs can affect multiple pathways of bacteria, which means it attacks/affects the bacteria in many different ways (protein in membrane, how it divides, how it communicates).  Plus, it supports the immune system and many other positive benefits.  Following are some scientific studies done with essential oils.

iii.  Saeed et al 2009 – Oregano essential oil active against multiple species of gram-positive bacteria. 

iv.  Friedman et al (2004 – Essential oils of Oregano….

v.  Fisher et all 2006 – Citrus EO, especially Bergamot, inhibited LIsteria (food poisoning that can kill)

vi.  Rosato et al 2009 – EO of Oregano, Geranium, and melalueca worked synergistically with Nystatin to reduce necessary dosage in Candida infections. 

vii.  Basbosa et al 2009 – EO or Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Marjoram, Lemongrass, Ginger and Clove

viii.  Rosata et al 2007 – EO of geranimum worked synergistaically with Norfloxacin to reduce necessary dosage

ix.  Eos from many regions have been evaluated – results vriable

x.  Efficacy of essential ois depends on its quality, purity, how its sourced, stored, collected, etc.  This is what doTerra focuses on

xi.  Evaluating doTerra essential oils for antimicrobial

xii.  Nicole is working with the University of Utah on:

1.  Kirby-Bauer Method

a.  Take a colony, grow it in some liquid media, spread it out, Pu the EO on top of the organisms, and you see how big a zone of inhibition (bacteria and other bad stuff can’t grow) you can create. 

b.  What’s been done so far are

i.  Salmonella enteric (food poisoning) – 40K cases reported per year.

ii.  E. Coli – 70K cases reported per year

iii.  Staphylococcus aureus – very scary because it can attack any tissue in the body.    Nearly .5 million hospitalizations yearly

c.  Current study is of 11 Eos. 

d.  Clove, Melalueca, Purify, show large areas of inhibition (5-10 ml)

e.  Basil, even larger zone of inhibition

f.  On Guard – very good inhibition, and most strong against Staph arius – If On Guard is diluted 10K times, it’s still inhibitory. 

g.  Cinnamon is also excellent.

h.  Thyme – messes around with how the bacteria is growing.  Even 1 drop in twenty is causing inhibition

i.  With Oregano, nothing at all grew.  This is as good or better than antibiotics, plus immune support and non-toxic


9.  Dr. Hill again

a.  How essential oils work with the cells of our body.  We are well when the cells in our body are functioning optimally. 

b.  Types of immunity

i.  Epithelial (non-specific) Fixed immunity – comprised of both chemical and biological barriers (skin, mucus membrane, etc.

ii.  What we’re going to talk about is cellular immunity – it is the mobile immunity of the body.  It must first pass through the epithelial immunity. 

iii.  If you understand how a system in the body functions

iv.  Lymphocite (white blood cells) immunity – isolate this down to only two types

1.  T-cell – come to maturation in thymus glands

a.  Cell-mediated immunity – this is cell to cell communication.  Whenever there is an antigen (foreign substance) – the body must mount an immune response. 

b.  Essential Oils don’t just kill, they work with your cells.  For example, Citrus oils are not directly combative, but rather, they enhance the cellular immunity and help our cells to function better.  They work with the cells of your body to heal, to entice the cells to function normally.

c.  Viruses and bacterias are very different types of substances in the body. 

d.  All cells communicate in two ways

i.  Release chemicals

ii.  T-cells make a lock and key connection, and then materials can by synthesized

2.  B-cell – come to maturation in your blood

a.  Humoral immunity – they are the bystanders.  The b-cell says there���s something going on, and I’m going to get involved if I have to.  Once it’s determined we don’t want something, they divide rapidly to fight it.  As these cells divide, they make an anti-body

b.  Secondary division into a plasma cell, which create anti-bodies, which allows a quicker and better immune response.  Can secrete 2000 antibody molecules per second for 4-5 days.

c.  Some plasma cells don’t divide, and they become memory cells so that in the future the body knows what to do. 

d.  Memory cells can create an almost immediate humoral response in the future.

e.  We want our immune system to operate normally. 

f.  If we get sick, our immune system didn’t have time to react. 

g.  Types of antibodies

i.  IgM

ii.  IgA

iii.  IgE

iv.  IgG

v.  Essential oils work with the systems of our bodies, though we don’t understand it. 

vi.  Dr. Danial Penoel out of France – has been studying EOs for a long time

vii.  EO affects are comparable to IgM antibodies in the body, particulary the phenols.  They may actually function as a part of our immunity, not just enhancing it. 

viii.  Alcohols can produce action similar to IgG (Rosewood, Lavender, etc.

v.  Two ways we primarily develop an effective immune system in our bodies.

1.  Artificially acquired

a.  If you do nothing else for your immunity, you should probably get vaccinated.  However, don’t do this if you use EOs as they are intended to be used.  

b.  Dr. Margaret Chan  or the World  Health Organization recently said “The world is now at the start of the 2009 influenza pandemic.”

c.  doTerra is getting lots of invitations now to do research with hospitals – Vanderbilt in Nashville, University of Colorado.  More and more invitations are coming. 

d.  Eos – multiple compounds working through multiple pathways, at multiple times.

e.  EO’s can do what vaccines can do in the body

2.  Naturally acquired immunity (progression from birth)

a.  Maternal - In the womb, passed directly to the baby

b.  Breast feeding – Very important because when born, babies have very little immunity. 

c.  From birth to 3 yrs. old, nearly 100% of their immune system is in their gut.  It is all epithelial immunity.

Immunity is always limited

Immune inhibitors include stress, nutritional insufficiency, lack of sleep…

CRH and Stress—Cortisol suppresses the  immune system.  Chronic stress activates cortisol and reduces the size of the thymus gland and inhibits T-cell maturation.  Importance of thymus gland, and how releases thymosin which increases immunity.  T-Lymphocytes work with Helper, Cytotoxic, Suppressor and Effector Cells.  Cortisol inhibits IgA and IgM.  How reduce cortisol (reduce stress, adequate vitamin and mineral intake, esp. magnesium and vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acids).  Use Lifelong Wellness Pack!  The aroma of Lavender and Rosemary increases free radical scavenging activity and reduces cortisol.  Other oils for stress reduction include citrus oils, Ylang Ylang, roman Chamomile, serenity, balance, elevation and Frankincense. 

Glutathione is a limiting factor for proper immune function.  By age 20, it starts to diminish.  Relating to ADD, Parkinson’s, Depression…  Glutathione is the master anti-oxidant.  Body has to produce, as the foods which contain it are destroyed in the digestive tract.  Produce in cells with 3 amino acids: Glycine, Glutamate, and Cysteine.  Bergamot EO increases Glycine and Glutamate, but not cysteine.  There are 3 primary ways to receive: LLW Pack, esp. selenium, minerals, B vitamins, alpha lipoic acid…  The supplements are already in the right form and amounts, which is very important.  Supplementation for 3 months increased cell-mediated immunity and quicker immune response.  Dr. Gary Posner of John Hopkins Univ. discovered that limonene significantly increases Glutathione.

Research on Clove and Eucylyptus show they are “immune regulating agents”, and these are both found in On-Guard.

Hand washing may be most effective form of prevention.  Benefit of new OG hand sanitizing wipes, because eliminates a lot of germs with friction and can wash off surfaces.  Is also an FDA registered product (gave us a drug claim for an EO), and is 99.9% effective.  When using as a germicide, is also beneficial in building immunity as goes into body.

Emily Wright

Her experience with son getting swine flu, and how symptoms were gone in two days.

Laura Jacobs—“Turning Your Passion Into Success”

Her Passion:  Restore the healing arts to the home as the primary source of wellness and cultivate self reliance.

Her background—at age 28 started quest for health, and learned Kinesiology, Iridology and opened own herbal store and has had for 13 years.  Has personally looked into over 14,000 eyes, and recognized need for education and tools, and the need to empower people and give them hope.

Big dream: go global.  Network marketing experience is perfect model when done correctly.

Important observations

1.  Path began with personal need

2.  Inspired by others’ passions

3.  Never judge a person’s potential

4.  Took action all along the way

a.  Learned at every step – TRUST

5.  Attracted teachers, mentors, knowledge, opportunities, relationships, etc.

6.  Recognized limitations – cooperative effort

doTerra observations

1.  First – set intention: A Healer in Every Home

2.  Second – doTerra showed up as a vehicle

3.  Took action – self selection – chose in

4.  The pay plan structure gave me direction

5.  The oils were magical

6.  Previously unseen purchasing behavior

7.  Compensation based on cooperative effort – you won’t go anywhere by yourself

8.  “The lessons of the present, prepare you for the blessings on the future.” 

Make-up of MLM population

1.  Only 3% will actually go out and go for it.  Only 3 out of 100 will do something big.

2.  27% - want to be

3.  70% - customers

“The Wellness Revolution” by Paul Zane Pilzer

1.  Next trillion dollar industry

2.  Direct sales

3.  Counter Cyclical – the NW mktg. industry.  There is not a better time for us

4.  Road less traveled

5.  Hard work and dedication

6.  Make your own economy and move forward

7.  This is not a get rich quick scheme

8.  “You will get rich most easily if you do that for which you are best fitted.  But you will get rich most satisfactorily if you do that which you want to do.

9.  Victor Frankl

a.  Self selection – live or die.  Some people chose to be animalistic.  He developed “Meaning” therapy.  He found meaning so that he could help others.  He survived and did it well. 

b.  Your purpose/meaning

c.  Self

i.  Transcendence

ii.  Actualization

d.  Happiness ensued when they forgot about themselves.  That’s when they became happy.   Leave the planet better than the way we found it. 

e.  Archetypes – healer, nature,

10.  Be YOU!

a.  Love where you are now

b.  Love who you are now

c.  Open your mind to the possibilities

d.  Opportunities abound all around you

e.  Don’t try to be something you’re not

f.  Same actions as another – same outcome

g.  What new parts of you might you discover?

h.  Book called “Strengths finder” – take a test, spits out your strengths.  

i.  “Although people do change...traits remain relativility the same through adulthood.”

11.  Talent X Investment –

a.  Build your talents into real strengths

b.  Requires practice and hard work

c.  Start with your dominant talent

d.  Add skills, knowledge, and practice

e.  The raw talent will serve as a multiplier

i.  Observe, discover, identify

ii.  Take some time watching yourself.

iii.  Ask others how they see you

12.  Og Mandino “The Greatest Salesman in the World”  Don’t let your past dictate your future.

13.  Team up with everyone.

14.  Bring your own meaning to life.

Inspiring and Attracting TEAM Players

1.  Assist to identify

2.  Trust the process of self selection

3.  Be a light that illuminates their capacities

4.  No judgement – you NEVER know!

5.  Don’t FORCE it – ATTRACT it

6.  How much money do we want to make in doTerra.  What is the helping intent?  

Six vital behaviors for success in life/doTerra

1.  Use

a.  Be a product of your product

i.  Prevention

ii.  Healing

iii.  Cooking

iv.  Massage

v.  Environment

vi.  Emotional

2.  Learn

a.  Classes and events

b.  Webinars

c.  Conference calls

d.  Websites

e.  Learn by use

f.  Book

g.  Know the oils personally, and they will start to talk to you…

3.  Share

a.  Facts tell, stories sell

b.  Tell your stories

c.  Share knowledge

d.  Give samples

e.  Teach classes

f.  Share techniques

i.  Aromatouch

ii.  Hand massage

4.  Invite

a.  Classes

b.  Webinar

c.  Calls

d.  Your home

5.  Enroll

a.  Promote kits

b.  Set standards

c.  Educate

d.  Model

e.  Most businesses cost at least $5K per month to build and maintain, in doTerra there is an entry for about $100 a month, and the potential is greater than almost every other business. 

6.  Lead

a.  “When a man goes toward a larger life, more things attach themselves to him, and the influence of his desire is multiplied. “

b.  “Take oils, healing and choice to the world.”

7.  Steps

a.  Choose in (every day)

b.  Be you – invest talents, experience personal growth

c.  Team up

d.  Act now

8.  Books

a.  The Jack Rabbit Factor

b.  The Secret

c.  As a man thinketh

d.  The science of getting rich.   “every efficient act is a success in itself, and if every act of your life is an efficient one, your whole…

e.  The greatest salesman in the world

f.  Man’s search for meaning

Teresa Harding

Emily Wright

Queen Hatshepsut (1473-1458 BC) she sent ships (7) out to get Frankincense and Myrrh.

They came up with stories about Frankincense – one about a Phoenix who lived off the Frank. Gum  This was to scare people from stealing the gum.  Then they talked about winged serpents, who were hanging from every tree.  This is actually true, snakes live around FR. Trees. 

Alexander the Great captured nearly 500 talents of Fr. 

The finest Fr. Is found in the Dhofar arear of Oman. 

For thousands of years, Camel caravans carried Fr. From oman 2400 miles with up to 6000 camels each.

The Fr. Trail (Silk Road) was utilized for the incense trade for over 2000 years. 

To collect it, they score the tree under the bark, and they gather the sap from the tree.  They score the trees and then they leave it.  Then they come back in two weeks, and they chisel the sap from the tree.  Then it’s dried for two weeks before the oil is extracted with steam distillation. 

Frankincense sited in Pharmacopeai of India in 1868 for bronchitis, laryngitis, skin problems (boils, ulcers)

Historically used to improve digestion and strengthen gums

Used by queens, haraohs and person of great wealth in beautification facial masks and cosmetics

Used anciently up to present day in Sourh Arabia to improve eye site and as a protection against infection

Incense used in religious ceremonies.

34 compounds found in Fr. 

Most current research

1.  The Frankincense oil exhibited a strong immunostimulant activity

a.  Dpt of Pharmaco.., faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Egypt

2.  Aroma hand massage had a positive affect on pain and depression in hospice patients with terminal cancer

a.  Department of Nursing, Keimyung University, Korea


Used for scar tissue, ulcers, wounds, depression, healthy immune respiratory, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, nervous tension, skin care, wrinkles, disorders…

Myrrh from doTerra is from Ethiopia.  Also a resin. 

Very similar to fr. In tersm of process

Used for oral care—gums, moutn, lips, skin condition support, eczema, cracked aged skin and maintaining youthful tone increases white blood cell production.  Singers often use myrhh to soothe throat.  Increases white blood cell production, wounds and ulcers, adds luster to dry hair, expectorant – rids congestion and sooths inflamed mucous membranes, commonly used in battle for gangrene and infection

Myrrh – Medical marvel or myth of the Magi?  Nation institute of allergy and infectious disease, national institute of health, Maryland, USA

doTerra has a 10 year supply of frank resin.  Families in Oman have owned these trees for generations. 

“The seeds of the future lie buried in the past.”  Optimus Prime 

aromatouchtechnique.com – there is now a DVD on this. 



Susan Erschler – motivational speaker - Has climbed the 7 highest mountains on 7 continents with her husband

1.  Susan Erschler – tried deep blue on her hip

a.  Stood at the summit of Everest in 2002.  

b.  Not a professional climber.  If it’s this hard, how am I ever going to make it?

c.  18 years ago, a sales manager in Seattle. 

d.  Invited to a party out on a boat.  During that event, she was introduced to her husband, Phil.

e.  Phil is a professional climber who has climbed so many peaks, thousands.

f.  She was climbing with her husband, and she puked.  What a way to impress your boyfriend.   

g.  Climbed Ranier and that accomplishment was unmatched in her entire life.

h.  Susan would take vacations from work and climb a mountain with Phil

i.  Has been a sales person all her life.  At first, didn’t know what she was doing, was just trying to get people to say “Yes”. 

j.  1st objective, a million dollars.  She didn’t reach it.  She was told by her boss that she needed to move to a place with “Lower Expectations.” 

k.  She decided to just work harder first, then harder. 

l.  She learned Results Matter, and learned to drive results. 

m.  “If you can see it, you can perform it.” 

n.  Before first Everest climb, husband had operation for Chrone’s disease, and then diagnosed with Colon cancer. 

o.  At one point, Phil lost hope.  Kept a card in front of him saying “Keep Climbing”. 

p.  Eventually, after recovery, the Everest dream was alive again

q.  Rum Doodle Bar and Restaurant.  All Everest climbers get to sign the board in the restaurant.  She decided she would sign that board, and eat there for free the rest of her life!

r.  Fly in, hike for ten days and then reach the memorials, stone monuments.  Over 200 people have lost their life.

s.  Cross chasms with ladders tied together with rope only.  Look down and it’s a black, bottomless pit

t.  Then reach “death zone”.   You don’t want to eat, drink, or sleep.  You are dehydrated, starving, and then it’s time to go to the summit.

u.  Start at 11 pm at night.  At that point, you are in a jet stream.

v.  One step, wiggle fingers, next step, wiggle toes. 

w.  The wind is so strong that you have to yell in ears to hear each other

x.  First time, they couldn’t go up because of the storm.  They had to go down.

y.  At one point, he was stumbling and his eyes had started to freeze over completely, and he couldn’t see.  That time, it was the right decision to turn around because he couldn’t see

z.  Cancer had kept them from Everest the first time, and then weather.  They were back in Seattle.

aa.  How do you do the impossible

i.  Project

1.  Have a really clear vision of where you are going. 

2.  Focus on the vision, and it drives the right activity

3.  Focus on being a top performer

4.  Wanted to go back to Everest, but she couldn’t hike until both Phil and Sue decided together that they were going to do this again in 2002

5.  Commitment to the vision drives the right activity

6.  Her life was two goals – 29,035 feet and 300 Million in revenue

7.  They became two sticky notes on her computer.

8.  She looked at it every day, and it became part of her mind and life

9.  Before starting work every morning, she looked at the goals.  Every day.

ii.  Prepare

1.  Climb for a day, setup camp, and sleep.  Repeat that every day. 

2.  When it’s hard, just make it through the day.  When that’s too hard, just make it to the break. 

3.  “Map” out your mountain

4.  Your chances of success dramatically improve by having a plan and following it. 

5.  Phil Gates as an example – every six months have a “Think” week.  Get away from the business, learn, read, plan, etc. 

6.  Plan what you will say, and then educate people on why you’re different

7.  Do what you’re going to do. 

8.  Every day at lunch – she would put a pack on her back and climb the 32 flights of stairs in her building. 

9.  Key to building a business – go out and make a friend today, build a life-long relationship

iii.  Persevere

1.  There is a lot of risk associated with high goals.  People aren’t crazy about risk. 

2.  At one point, you have to climb straight up 2000 feet on sheer ice.  She saw one person fall over 1000 feet.  You can’t help but be affected by seeing this. 

3.  Remind yourself that you have a lot of preparation and practice.

4.  She learned to never be unclipped from the rope.

5.  Any preparation in life reduces the risk

6.  DON”T QUIT when it becomes painful.  PAIN is temporary. 

7.  No doesn’t mean No forever, it just means “not yet”.  Never quit going after your goal.

8.  Presentation

9.  “No” means “not yet”, it does not mean forever. 


bb.  When you fly to Mount Everest, you fly in to a field of ice, with all your gear for three weeks.  Sue couldn’t even move her gear on the field of ice.  All the guys were ahead of her. 

cc.  Ready to go back to Everest in March, 2002. 

dd.  “Forget past mistakes, forget failures, forget everything except what you’re going to do now, and do it!” 

ee.  Took a moment to look when at the summit. 

ff.  Partied at a Sherpa’s home with just a CD and batteries Sherpa’s dancing the Macarana,

gg.  Part of your goal must be to give back, and leave the world a better place.  She is now helping the children of Nepal, helping educate 6000 girls this year, which limits the chances of them ending up homeless or in brothels in other countries. 

hh.  Had she stopped

ii.  Don’t lower the mountain to match yourself.  Find a way to rise above and match the dream. 

jj.  Phil is 58, has had prostrate cancer

kk.  Surround yourself with people who won’t let you quit. 

ll.  Before the climb, they go through a ceremony with strings, which they tie around each other to commit themselves to each other.  They are literally putting their lives in the hands of others.

2.  Rob Young

a.  Theme of family is ‘I can do hard things.”

b.  Need to find a friend, and do it together.  Share accomplishments and challenges with.

3.   Here’s what the skeptics said in the past.  Showed video of these quotes.  “Radio has no future.”  Flying machines are impossible.  If God had intended men to fly, he would have given him wings.  A rocket will never leave the world’s atmosphere.  Computers in the future may weigh 1.5 tons. 

a.  Stages of Truth

i.  First it is ridiculed

ii.  Second it is violently opposed

iii.  Third, it is accepted as fact

4.  Justin Harrison

a.  In doTerra, we have a better way. 

b.  Repetition is the mother of all learning

c.  Five facets of a human being

i.  Economic

ii.  Physical

1.  With doTerra you are moving all the time.  Have the opportunity to heal yourself.

iii.  Spiritual

1.  doTerra allows you to pursue your own spiritual sustenance

iv.  Mental

1.  doTerra invigorates.  Do a check-up from the neck-up

v.  Social

1.  What is the atmosphere

vi.  Political

1.  We are all equal

vii.  What is the correlation between my job and the potential with doTerra?

viii.  How you think is the single most important factor in your life to determine success

ix.  The five

1.  Philosophy – everything you know and how you choose to believe what you know

2.  Attitude – How you think, and what you think about.  You become who you associate with. 

a.  Example of crabs – when they are in a barrel and one starts to climb out, the other crabs drag them down. 

b.  Garbage in, garbage out

c.  Attitude determines your altitude

d.  Attitude is everything, and people are attracted to a “happy dog”.  You have to pet him.

3.  Actions lead to

a.  The average adult watches six hours of TV a week

4.  Results

5.  Lifestyle (what you have at the moment)

x.  When your actions, results, and lifestyle are not what you want, visualize a different outcome and then make it happen. 

xi.  Formula for success = =(d+g+a)i2 = burning desire, written goals, Consistent activity, + self improvement squared.

1.  Desire- have a why that will make you cry

2.  Written goals – you must have a destination in mind

3.  Consistent activity – stuff that does something.

a.  Hand out two audio discs per day

b.  Discover doTerra

c.  …

4.  Leadership

a.  Clear vision

b.  Plan of action

c.  Self motivated by their vision, maintaining enthusiasm, attitude and action

d.  Producing their intended results

e.  I f you set yourself on Fire with enthusiasm, people will come from miles around to watch you burn.

f.  “The Push” – Based on a book called “Even Eagles Need a Push”

g.  An eagle gently coaxed her babies toward the edge of the nest

h.  Her heart quivered with conflicting emotions

i.  Nothing but air to support the wings of each child.

j.  One final task

k.  Drew courage from an innate wisdom

l.  Until they learned how to soar, they would fail to understand…

m.  The PUSH was the greatest gift she had to offer

n.  One by one she pushed tehm, and they flew

o.  THE PUSH – sometimes we need it, and it can be the greatest gift you can ever give…

p.  Go to SimpleTruths.com to watch this video

5.  The Power of One video

a.  Beginning of Oprah’s season.  Taught 800 people to dance in a high school gym

b.  Stationed them throughout Chicago.

c.  All started with one person, led to 20K people dancing.

6.  IF NOT

a.  If not this, then what?

b.  If not now, then when?

c.  If not you, then who?

7.  Self improvement squared (highly recommend these books)

a.  Your first year in Network Marketing

b.  The Secret

c.  ****Learning the business

d.  ****Beach Money

e.  The key is personal development – it is the shut off valve, it is the weed puller in our mental garden, reprogram your brain!

f.  Success=(d+g+a)i2

5.  Rob Young – Lifelong Wellness Pack

a.  $1M in wholesale sales

b.  It is the top selling skew, and foundation of autoship program

c.  Thousands of lives changed!

d.  Claims are supported by numerous studies of ingredients that go into wellness pack

e.  See the “Clinical Reference Compendiums” – point scientists and doctors to this. 

i.  This now exists for all three products

f.  Also, there is a lifelong wellness brochure

g.  What if people say “I’m just not sure my supplements are working.”

h.  Want to make it so that it changes lives immediately when supplements are taken

i.  LLWP Common Experiences





j.  Our bodies cure disease – they are more complex than science can explain.  Let your body do what it’s designed to do

k.  Doctors fix broken parts

l.  Our lifestyles help prevent disease

m.  LLWP addresses inflammation and oxidation

n.  People say “I haven’t felt this good in years.”

o.  No “fairy dusting” because doTerra puts in substantial amounts of the right stuff.

p.  Making a commitment to the doTerra Wellness Lifestyle

6.  Where do we go from here?  Looking at a patented nutrient delivery system; unique marine-sourced antioxidants;  ingredients for cognitive support; and increased ORAC value score.  We will see this in about a year in doTerra!

7.  Dr. Susan Lawton

a.  doTerra Mood Matrix Kit

i.  Goal – help people to be more balanced

ii.  Moods are a complex interplay of emotional and physical components

iii.  Mood continuums

1.  Emotional – ranges from lack of peace to passionless

2.  Physical – ranges from stressed to fatigued

3.  It’s important that we like who we are.

iv.  Quadrants and blends that help each quadrant, a treatment in this order

1.  Angry and impatient - serenity

2.  Unmotivated and discouraged – citrus bliss

3.  Hopeless, withdrawn - elevation

4.  Tense, worried - Balance

v.  How to fix bad feeling “soup” – takes about 30 minutes.  manage these with doTerra essential oil blends

1.  Serenity - helps with calming, composing, placating.  It releases the tension

2.  Citrus Bliss – helps to oxegenate, and clears the mind.

3.  Elevation – Elemi (baby Fr.), Melissa (great mood blend).  Also helps with clarity

4.  Balance – helps with the electromagnetic balance – the back, chest and other pain is relieved

vi.  Value in combining

1.  Balance and serenity – forgiveness, release

2.  Balance and elevation – acceptance

3.  Citrus bliss and balance – reset priorities

4.  Serenity and citrus bliss – transition into change, new house, new job, new feelings

5.  Elevation and citrus bliss – passion restored

6.  Serenity – Improves self image. Gives people the courage to move on, for those who have experienced tragedy. 

7.  Frankincense goes with everything, and enhances everything.

8.  Mood management Kit for $90 at convention, over 10% off.

8.  Greg Cooke – VP of international development

a.  Blessing lives all around the world. 

b.  doTerra’s highest blessing.  Human happiness, prosperity, and welfare

c.  This is about people, about blessing lives, personal development through serving others.

d.  First doTerra meeting had 12 people, and half were their spouses.

e.  It has not been an easy road, there were moments when you wonder if it will work.

f.  4 year old daughter who had her 3rd foot surgery and refused pain medication.  The only alternative was essential oils, and they worked!  This was his turning point.  It took him 8 months for the experience that converted him.

g.  Essential oils are only as valuable as when they get into the hands of people.

h.  “When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to becoming his equal….When you think you are better, look inside yourself..for your flaws.”  Confucious

i.  Greg has worked in business all his life, and thinks more about business often more than the mission of Essential Oils.

j.  doTerra is an opportunity to improve all of humanity in every way conceivable. 

k.  Vision is to bring essential oils to every home on the planet.

l.  Share essential oils with every home in the world. 

m.  How can we participate in this?

n.  Countries that have opened, where people were looking for doTerra.  doTerra is the answer many people are looking for.

i.  Taiwan

ii.  Guatemala

iii.  Japan

o.  When you join doTerra, you are joining a battle for equality in the world. 

p.  There is a very significant equality movement throughout the world. 

q.  These people have nothing but the oils, no printed materials, no tools, nothing but the products.

r.  There are people in every country of the world looking for doTerra!  How to tap into this and find the people?

s.  When we talk to people, we will be led to every corner of this planet.  We need to talk to every single person we know. 

t.  How did Gena build a global business in Taiwan? 

u.  There are now 600 members in Taiwan.  Starting the Taiwan founders club…

v.  doTerra follows volume. 

w.  Want to launch into Mainland China.

x.  Doing good in the world.  David in Taiwan – has implemented ‘Make a Wish’ in Taiwan. 

y.  Think global and sponsor local. 

i.  Global product

ii.  Global seamless marketing & compensation plan

iii.  Many nationalities

z.  Build a global business one person at a time. 

aa.  This movement is irreversible…

9.  Dr. H. K. Lin, PHD, University of Oklahoma – Member of scientific advisory board of doTerra.  Summary of the research with essential oils he has done the past year

a.  Power of Essential Oils – A Scientific Evidence

b.  All things are spiritual to the Lord

c.  Essential Oils in Cancer Treatment – results from bladder cancer studies

i.  2009 cancer cases in US – 1.5 million diagnosed in 2009

ii.  Lung cancer is still the #1 killer overall

iii.  500,000 cancer patients will die in 2009

d.  Frankincense

i.  After 24 hours, Frankincense oil shows shrinking of cancer cells.

ii.  With normal cells, it doesn’t change the cells.

iii.  It focuses on killing cancer cells. 

iv.  It induces cancer cell deaths, and causes no harm to normal cells.

1.  Two tests to confirm

a.  Colormetric XTT assay

b.  Trypan blue exclusion assay

c.  This is also apparent at the gene level – Frankincense Does causes cells to go through apoptosis

e.  Sandalwood – oil extracted from the wood, chips

f.  Apoptosis is a natural process in every cell – cancer can develop from normal apoptosis. 

g.  One strategy of cancer therapy is to induce the cancer cell to go through apoptosis.  Both Frankincense and Sandalwood can perform apoptosis

h.  50% of our chromosones are inheritied, Dr. Lin believes the other 50% are a result of environment.

i.  An example is breast cancer.  There is a gene where women are prone to breast cancer.  However, only 30% of women with the gene develop breast cancer.

i.  Transcription – taking what’s in chromo DNA and transferring it to RNA.  Translation.

j.  After many years of research, science still doesn’t understand many of the processes.

k.  Microarray Technology (manufacture CGH micorarrays; BACs, Oligos, cDNAs; Hybridize total RNA; scan and analyze.  Identify certain genes which are responsible for specific function (have 30-40,000 genes in human body).

l.  Blending of ancient and modern technology.  Oils that induced tumor cell-specific cytotoxicity are primarily Frankincense and Sandalwood, esp. in bladder cancer.  Sandalwood killed both normal and cancer bladder cells in tests, so is just continuing research with Frankincense because only kills cancer cells (even with dilution X100).

m.  Regulation of genes--+ from activation to transcription, and – is from active stage to being shut down and cannot grow.

n.  Frankincense oil activated MAPK—focus on genes with the red dots, which were activated by Frankincense and very specific.

o.  Sandalwood oil activated MAPK different.

p.  Can Frankincense oil really work beyond the cell culture system?  Research article in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  “Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity.

q.  Bladder cancer progression with half Frankincence and half coconut oil—significant difference.

r.  Frankincense oil: induces cancer cell specific cytoxicity; suppresses bladder cancer cell growth; enhances bladder cell death (programmed cell death); need more preliminary results; need clinical trials.  Can Frankincense be used for chemoprevention?

s.  Sandalwood oil is more potent but not cancer specific.

t.  Essential oils in Alzheimer’s Disease—progressive and fatal brain disease affecting 5.3 million Americans currently.  Formation and degradation of Abeta in brain cells, and how blocks cell communication.  Is using Clove, Oregano, and Thyme for testing AB formation/accumulation.  EO’s reduced membrane-bound and insoluble AB40 in the brain.  EO increased ‘free’ AB40 in the brain, and reduced AB40 in the blood, increased small molecular weights AB outside of cell.  So, these EO’s make AB smaller.  Not sure if will reduce memory loss at this time. 

u.  Questions?  Comments! hk-lin@ouhsc.edu  Endorses Frankincense for having tumor killing properties.

Dr. Hill—Nutritional Influence on Anxiety and Depression

More than 100,00 chemical reactions occur in the brain every second!  Brain operates because of neuro-transmitters: Norepinephrine and Dopamine (are energizing); and Serotonin (relaxing and calming).  Pre-schoolers are the fastest growing market for antidepressants (6+ months), and increasing 23% per year.  Depression/anxiety is the #1 debilitating disease in this country.  Risk factors of depression include family history, chronic disease, social circumstances, and being female.  Stress is one of the major causes—Corticotropin is a releasing hormone.  90% of serotonin production is in your gut.   Pinneaples and walnuts are good source; however, for brain it doesn’t help because they can’t cross the blood-brain barrier.  In brain, serotonin is produced from tryptophan.  Are health is dependant on certain things we are in control of.  When Lavender is inhaled, Serotonin is released in the brain from the Raphe nucleus.   Other oils include Chamomille, Orange (and other citrus oils), and Marjoram.   Norepinephrine (active) are Rosemary and Lemon Grass.  B vitamins support dendritic growth.  Low levels of vitamin C are linked to major depression.  The supplements help!  Take them.  With depression, not enough interactions with serotonin.  There are issues with anti-depressants because they keep the serotonin where it should be, but there are side affects and it doesn’t work for everyone. 

Gave 20 students 9 vitamins for one year, and monitored them.  After three months, their systems were totally saturated with vitamins.  They kept taking the vitamins, and their mood, level of stress, and ability to not react did improve.  With the LLWP, we may also reach saturation, but the benefits will continue and do no harm. 

Depression is beatable and curable.  However, you must do something about it.  The foundation is essential oils and the LLWP together.

10.  doTerra is going on a cruise in February for Valentines day (Feb 14-21st).   The cruise will be $750 inside cabin, outside cabin 775, balcony 1025. 

11.  Also get specialized training on the cruise by Dr. Hill.

12.  Can register next week. 

13.  Mark Wolford again

a.  doTerra coupon code – 10% off aroma tools online orders for this week.

b.  Must visualize the execution or performance before it occurs  - we need to picture our performance before we execute

c.  Michael Jordan – every time I went to the free throw line I pictured myself facing the hoop and the ball going through the hoop. 

d.  It’s 80% mental, and 20% in reality.  We need to see ourselves performing and executing well and being successful.  This will give us confidence when we step to the plate. 

e.  We have the best products in the world (CPTG).  No one else has this!

f.  We’ve got to stop keeping this a secret, we have to go out and share the gifts we’ve been given

g.  Surround ourselves with greatness, with winners.  We feed off of energy!  Surround ourselves with greatness every day!

h.  David Stirling is a visionary.  He already sees what doTerra is going to be, and the things what we are going to do.  He understands what people need to do.

i.  Rob comes into the meeting with toys.  Always thinking and creating.

j.  Each founder has a vision of where the company needs to be, and where it needs to go.  It all involves service, and helping others. 

k.  We need to tell everyone and share these wonderful gifts we have been given.

l.  We all must CLIMB

m.  We all feel inadequate as we begin a new chapter in our lives.  We all have times in our lives when we fear failure.  The true test is how we embrace the fear.  We must bridle that by seeing ourselves succeed. 

n.  They conquer who believe they can…He has not learned the lesson of life who every day does not surmount a fear

o.  Learn to harness the fear, and turn it to energy.  Picture in your mind first what needs to be done…

p.  Shakespeare - Our doubts are traitors…

q.  Einstein – I think, think, and think, and 99 times it results in failure, but one time it results in success

r.  Every 24 hours, we have a brand new day and we get another chance, to do it again and to do it better.

s.  Be strong and of a good courage.  Be not afraid, neither be dismayed.

t.  That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do…Heber J. Grant

u.  Remember what we have felt at this convention! 


14.   Friday night – build your business session with Justin Harrison

a.  doTerra is a business, not a hobby!

b.  What is a “profession” vs. a “hobby”?

c.  Need to consume all the company materials available

d.  Need to write down and decide how many hours per week you are going to work your business

e.  Achieve freedom by the #15 – commit to work this business 15 hours per week

f.  Must understand compensation plan and bonus structure

g.  Need to attend every live doTerra event

h.  Keys to succeed

i.  Repetition

ii.  Support

iii.  Those earning the big $ attend ALL the events

i.  Work only one company

i.  Surveys of top leaders in 40 different companies focus on their company only.

ii.  Focus, focus, focus – take an example from lions.  They focus entirely and completely on their goal and get it.

j.  You become what you think about.  Visualize it.  Have a clear picture, set goals and values.  Write them down!  To be successful, must pursue with unstoppable determination.

k.  Go check out www.beyondthequote.com

l.  Think about a prime example of focus, the magnifying glass

m.  You must have a compelling, written “WHY”.  Have a why that will make you cry.

n.  Success in doTerra is 20% “HOW TO” and 80% “WHY”

o.  What is your purpose?

p.  Your why cannot be monetary.

q.  Anything of value takes time to build

r.  A legitimate business takes time, talent, and effort

s.  Justin wants to provide an opportunity for his family in the future

t.  If you want to earn more, you must learn more.

u.  Example of the fly beating consistently, constantly against the window.  Eventually it gets in…

v.  Get Luck – labor under correct knowledge

w.  Decide in writing where you’ll be a year from now.

x.  Long term written goals possess the power to pull you to the top

y.  Put your dreams for the future on paper and begin building your life now

z.  The Formula for Success = (d+g+a)i2

i.  D= burning desire

1.  What is a burning desire or hunger?  Need to look for these type of people.  Attract them into your lives.  Desire can be victorious over lack of confidence or ability every time.  Note the example of the singer on English version of American Idol

ii.  G= written goals

1.  To get started, you must have a destination.  You must know what you’re striving for and why you deserve to achieve it. 

2.  Create a dream journal.  Write it in the present tense, as if you already have it.  Writ it as if it’s already happened.

iii.  A= Consistent activity

1.  Give away two audio disks per day

2.  Discover doTerra or web presentations or videos

3.  Dr. Mom or Aroma Touch classes

4.  Team building and coaching

5.  Talk to two people per day about doTerra

iv.  I2 = self improvement squared


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