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Making lotions and salves with essential oils

Making your own lotions, salves, and creams is a lot of fun.  Great for your family or for gifts.  A bonus when you use (...) essential oils as they become real helps for lots of folks.

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Basic Body Cream Recipe

   (all measurements are by weight)

·  Hard oils:

2 ½ oz virgin coconut oil

 ½ oz cocoa butter                                                                                              

·  Soft oils:

4 oz grapeseed oil or almond

2 oz olive oil

·  1 oz beeswax, grated                                 

·   9 oz distilled water

·  45 drops essential oil (opt.)

Place coconut oil in a 16-oz heat-proof measuring cup.  Add cocoa butter and beeswax.  Put the cup containing the oil and beeswax into a pot partially filled with water, place over medium heat and stir with a chopstick or fork until the oil and beeswax melt and dissolve, becoming one liquid. 

Remove from heat and add grapeseed (or fractionated coconut) and olive oils.  Allow to cool to body temperature.  As it cools, the mixture will thicken and become opaque.  Stir as it cools to keep the consistency smooth.  If it cools too much, just reheat it.

While the oil mixture is cooling, warm the distilled water in another heat-proof measuring cup in the hot-water bath.  Test for body temperature with a clean finger.

When the oil mixture and water have both reached body temperature, pour the water into a blender or mixing bowl (I use a mixing bowl and stick blender) and add optional water-soluble ingredients such as vitamin C.  Process at high speed.  If using a high-power blender such as a Vita Mixer, set it on low.  Slowly add the oil mixture by pouring a thin drizzle into the whirling water.  It will begin to sputter and thicken.  Continue to process until the oil and water have blended together into a thick, creamy liquid.  This may take 5-10 minutes in a blender or food processor.  If using a high-power blender, it may take 20-30 seconds.  It may take 15 minutes with a stick blender.  This process, called emulsification, is the secret to creams.

Scoop the cream into a 32-oz measuring cup with a spout for easy pouring.  If you are adding essential oils, do it at this point, making sure to stir them in well.  Pour the cream into very clean, dry jars.  Filling them to the top and leaving as little airspace as possible.  Cap with tight-fitting lids and let sit overnight to allow the “flavors” to blend.  Use a clean popsicle stick to dip out your cream if it is in a wide-mouth container, to prevent introduction of bacteria and spoilage.

Variations - Variations on the oils for this recipe are easy.  As long as the amount of hard oil (solid when cool) totals 4 oz and soft oil (liquid) totals 6 oz, you can play with oils to make creams for different purposes.  Have fun!

Other Ingredients - Optional ingredients include PABA for sun protection, MSM for cellular hydration and repair, and natural preservatives such as Grapefruit seed extract or vitamins A, C or E.  Essential oils also act as preservatives due to their antimicrobial properties.


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