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BLACK PEPPER  Piper nigum



Wellness Uses

Immune Strength

Health Concerns

Joint pain
Muscle pain
Poor circulation


Black Pepper 

About Oil

The Black Pepper plant (piper nigum), now grown in most tropical regions of the world, is the source of the Black Peppercorn that is the most common spice in the world.  The essential oil is steam distilled from the unripened, sun-dried, Peppercorns while the common spices are harvested at later times in the plant's maturing process.  The essential oil is a clear, thin liquid with an aroma that is fresh, crisp and suggestive of the spice of the same plant

Black Pepper essential oil is very effective in aiding the digestive system by stimulating salivary glands and secretion of digestive juices in the intestinal tract.  At the same time it neutralizes the formation of gas in the intestinal system while helping to cleanse the system.  It is also a warming oil that increases circulation that then reduces inflammation and provides relief for arthritis and other muscle and joint discomforts.

Typical Applications

Black Pepper essential oil is warming when applied topically and can be used to relieve aching and tired muscles and joints.  The increased circulation from topical application is also helpful in reducing bruising.  Used internally Black Pepper is said to help the digestive system, kidneys, and to boost the immune system.  The aroma is energizing and stimulating.



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