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CORIANDER  Coriandrum sativum



Wellness Uses

Calm & Stress Relief

Health Concerns

Menstrual pain
Muscular pain
Stomach spasms




About Coriander

This is another of the oils that has been well proven over time. It was used anciently by the Egyptians with some seeds being found in their tombs. The oil is extracted from the seeds yielding a light, almost colorless oil with a pleasant fragrance. This is in contrast to the crushed leaves of the plant which give a more pungent odor. 

Anciently, the favored property of the oil and seed was the aid that it gave in digestion. Other cultures used it as well for nausea and digestive problems and as far-ranging problems as toothaches to hemorrhoids.

Typical Applications

The aroma is soothing to some and may be used for its soothing properties by diffusion. Consider as a rotation oil used with other oils to add variety for not only the aromatic benefit but the antibacterial properties as well.

It may be applied directly (neat) for help with muscle pain or for rheumatism and directly on the abdomen or back for digestive difficulties. For digestive difficulties, it may be taken internally mixed with water or other liquids with honey or agave added to sweeten the taste.

Coriander oil is rated as GRAS by the FDA and can be safely used for internal consumption.

Additional Information

"Coriander is distilled from the seed of Cilantro but they are not dried seeds, in order to get the largest amount of oils out of them. This also makes the smell of the Coriander oils fresh just like Cilantro. As opposed to opening a bottle of Coriander seed from your spice rack. The smell is much different."  Dr. David Hill, 2009





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