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YLANG YLANG  Cananga odorata



Wellness Uses

Calm and Stress Relief
Hair Care
Skin Care

Health Concerns

Skin Disorders
Stomach Ache


Ylang Ylang 

About Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil comes from greenish-yellow flowers that are shaped like starfish.  It is a tropical tree native to tropical Asia, but can be sourced in other parts of the world. Historically, Ylang Ylang’s primary use is as an anti-depressant.  It is known to reduce anxiety, be an aphrodisiac and to help individuals release anger.  It is also considered an effective antiseptic. The DōTerra Essential Oil Ylang Ylang (complete) is of the botanical family Annonaceae, it is grown in Madagascar where it is steam distilled from the flower.

Typical Applications

Ylang Ylang is very aromatic and it is most effective use comes from inhalation or use in a diffuser.  It is recognized as GRAS by the FDA and is used in flavoring, most notable in bubble gum!  Topically it is a gentle oil, and is often used in calming blends.  Ylang Ylang is also considered effective in baths and massage.



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